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Check out the relatively new Fugoo Style. They sound "best in class" and seem to have the most additional features including google now and siri integration and interchangeable jackets for different levels of ruggedness.

Hello everyone!

We've been talking with Swan about listing their speakers for some time and thanks to this poll it looks like they'd like to get listed.

The M10 is quite hard because of the wait times (over two months lead time) but we're asking about the M50 and some of their other comparable models.

We'll keep you updated as time goes on!
Hello Everyone,

We've been speaking with Swan and it looks like there won't be any 110V M10s to buy any time soon. They're backed up on orders and Swan doesn't want to increase their 110V production.

That said, Swan has plenty of their 220V (electrical standard used in most of the world) M10s available. These units were intended for sale in the Chinese market (manual is in Chinese) but, aside from their 220V power setting, they're functionally ide...
NO, just no. Same goes for the logitech, if you want consumer grade products then go buy them at a store and stay a blind consumer. If you want vetted quality products, then buy something off a massdrop. I haven't seen them make a drop on some crap products ever, and i don't want it to start now.

I have heard the corsairs, they aren't bad, but they are a gaming brand, and they don't know how to make proper high quality audio speakers. They prey ...
Can we remove the non 2.1 speakers on here? I know the AE A2+ and A5+ drop fairly frequently so it's a bit of a waste to even suggest them.