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Only problem with a1 lot of these Adidas shoes listed are that Adidas will give a never special price too Massdrop because they don't give special prices to anyone, Ultra Boost only ever go on sale if they don't sell which almost every colorway does or the shoes they were a 1 time release like a lot of things with boost. Japan NMD? ? If it was GR than they would sell 200,000 but they keep supply limited for a reason.
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Boost (E-TPU) Wrist Rest For Keyboard

if there was ever am Adidas X Massdrop shoe, that would be the dream
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pickanick, your article doesn't actually answer doge's question. It's a good article, but it talks about the Olympic lifts - I.E., not the squat or deadlift.

doge - lifting shoes are great for the squat but not for the deadlift. Ideally, in the deadlift you want to be as close to the ground as possible - consequently, being prohibited from going barefoot in comps, you wear "deadlift socks". I know some guys who DL in shoes, but they are also the g...
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Red Wing Shoes