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Brew Talk! PicoBrew Model C

why y'all voting for 2-fan cards? you know the 3-fan models don't have to be at 100% fan all the time right? and that you can use the vendor's utility to set fan curves and whatnot? what I'm saying is, they're generally quieter and run cooler as long as you're not clueless about airflow, in which case, youtube that ish.
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On the contrary, they *need* to produce this keyboard to stay relevant and away from the red.

It's obvious, Unicomp is struggling against the onslaught of Asian mechs. The general user wants something shiny, compact, glammed up with an assortment of MX switches rather than the definition of no-frills beige office keyboard that they primarily rely on to stay afloat.

Worse is their keyboards use durability as a selling point and they won't need to be...