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Massdrop Stories offer a closer look at each of our communities. Go behind the scenes on headphone collaborations, learn how mechanical keyboards evolved from typewriters, and get a crash course on leather from a shoe-biz veteran. You’ll find interviews, maker spotlights, meetup recaps, and more from the Massdrop team, industry experts, and members of the community.

Kiibohd 16 Mechanical Keyboard Meetup at Massdrop HQ

Eiiti Wada Mechanical Keyboard Community Interview

By Andy Cook

The Story Behind Infinity: a Community-Designed Keyboard

By Andrew Lekashman
New keyboard layouts pop up on a daily basis in places like Geekhack, Deskthority and /r/MechanicalKeyboards, but these projects rarely ever result in more than a few keyboards actually being constructed.

The Mechanics of It All

By Andrew Lekashman
To understand today's world of mechanical keyboards, we'll have to go back to the beginning — back to when typewriters and typesetting were viewed as radically new concepts.