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Kiibohd 16 Mechanical Keyboard Meetup at Massdrop HQ

Inside the Bay Area Keyboard Meetup

On February 27, we had the pleasure of hosting the 16th installment of Haata’s Kiibohd Meetup at Massdrop’s San Francisco HQ. We really put the fire code to the test: More than 100 enthusiasts showed up, filling the office with amazing keyboard setups and friendly chatter. Along with a free-for-all show-and-tell, the afternoon included sneak peeks at Matt3o’s WhiteFox and the Input Club K Type. We even set up a live-action switch tester in the form of Typing of the Dead. After all, why click one switch a few times when you can fight off zombies with the power of typing speed?

Lots of fun discussions were had, but the real bond is between you and your board—so we set up a photobooth where folks could strike silly poses and commemorate this special relationship. We wanted to keep the party going, so we broke rule #1 and made food available. Of course, when you’re having a get-together that large, there’s only one way to feed everyone: Costco! We wheeled 30 pizzas out of there and, amid more than a few comments from curious onlookers, proceeded to play a game of human Tetris to fit everybody (and every box) into the building’s elevator.

Saving the best for last, we ended the day with a giveaway. Community members and vendors graciously donated some cool items to raffle off to a lucky few, including Royal Glam wooden wrist rests, a Clueboard switch tester, DSA Elven keycaps from Signature Plastics, a few sets of keycaps from TaiHao, and a Datamancer 60% oak case. With so many passionate people in one place, we all had a blast and learned a thing or two along the way. See you next time!

A Closer Look

Custom split-hand keyboard

Team Wolf swappable-switch keyboard with 150-gram custom switches next to a custom keypad with DSA Dolch keycaps

Team Wolf keyboard

Keyboardio Model 101

Attendees talk Dinokidz

Vintage Hermes 3000 typewriter in mint green

Dinokidz with ALPS (or ALPS clone) switches next to the E-Element RGB keyboard

HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard) Professional 2 with Bluetooth mod (being typed on), below the Ducky Shine 4 with Vortex PBT shine-through keycaps

(Top to bottom) Apple Extended Keyboard II, Pok3r, and Topre 87U

Friendships were born! Discussing the Varmilo VA87MR with SA Dangerzone keycaps (left) and the Planck keyboard (right)

Massdrop’s Jeanine hiding behind the FL-Esports RGB with Triumph Adler keycaps

Unwinding with a four-way Typing of the Dead zombie fest

During our Datamancer Oak 60% Case giveaway, the winner (Geekhack user Input Nirvana) forfeited his prize to the next person to be drawn. The young collector (user Smasher), lucked out in the second drawing.

Photobooth Time!

Here's a sample of all the beautiful faces and boards that hopped into the photobooth.

Dinokidz mystery ALPS-type keyboard

Planck with NPKC rainbow keycaps. Also, Yanbo.

Midifighter custom pad with arcade-style buttons

Massdrop’s Mitchell with the Varmilo mint keycaps (left) and the Taihao Miami keycaps (right). Mitchell made the poll that brought the popular keyboard waffle iron to Massdrop… yet he’s never once offered to make waffles in the office!]

The keyboard waffle iron was a huge hit

Jesse, maker of the Keyboardio, putting the waffle iron to good use

IBM buckling spring

Planck with NPKC rainbow keycaps (left) and Pok3r keyboard with Datamancer oak case and 1976 SA keycaps (right)

Don’t try this at home, kids

Massdrop’s Richard with the Corsair k70 (Granite keycaps by Matt3o and NES HolyOOPS keycap), the Topre Realforce, and the FL-Esports RGB (Triumph Adler keycaps)

Killer custom kit

Japanese IBM 5576-003 with accompanying numpad, both buckling spring

Massdrop’s Kunal with the Pok3r keyboard, retro SA keycaps by Matt3o, and Purpleheart wood case by SEAL Woodworking… and, of course, some Cheetos

Thanks to everyone who joined us! See all the great shots from the photobooth here, and share your own photos from the event in the Discussion.
Missed this one? Read more about the meetup on r/MechanicalKeyboards, Geekhack, and Deskthority, and stay tuned for more keyboard meetups at the Massdrop HQ and elsewhere.

Until next time! Keep on clacking my friends.

If I could get the exact feel of that buckling spring, but with RGB, Macro Etc, I'd be set. I really love the color combos and classic style-keys on many of those keyboards, though. Some of them have that classic browns, yellows, oranges and reds. I really like the blue and yellow/green one! Very good stuff. And yet, I am still wanting my own perfect board. Neither market nor maker can satisfy me yet! I should jsut make one myself.
No Northgate OmniKey 101? Was the bomb in mechanical back in the day... I do love my DAS though.
Which DasKeyboard? I'm personally running a 4 Ultimate Clicky with MX Greens custom added and blank keycaps.
I think I still have 2. Loved this keyboard.
Love the keyboards... I let 5 of my keyboards go.... but kept a realforce & happy hacking pro2 =P wishing for the topre keycaps to come out.
Sooo I'm guessing thsese don't happen anymore? At least not monthly? I signed up in Feb after I saw this post and still haven't heard anything :( I wanna come play keebs with the cool kids!
I like that "Custom split-hand keyboard". Why is there no details like who does it, if there are some design docs or if it is available for sale?
Man! This event looks like so much fun. I love me some click clack goodness! :)
No offense to anyone, this is coming from a keyboard enthusiast, but I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see pics of keyboard meetups, because the people always look like nice, normal people, and not the stereotypical neckbeard-y type you tend to see in albums from other niche/internet community meetups or conventions.
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Neckbeards are nice too.
The neck-beards probably stay at home away from the "normies"
start feeling addictive to mech keys, even tho still looking for one now!!!!!!!
I had no idea that the custom mech keyboard world was so big! It's really intimidating to me to even try and get into it, as it seems rather complex, I've only delved into putting O rings on my board I have a Razer Black widow, which seems to pale in comparison to these machines, I would love to find out how to get introduced into this.
im smiling while looking at these wonderful pictures!
asdfggh wow i didnt know about this :(
Is the team wolf keyboard above for sale? Did I miss this drop?
on amazon, 39$
this is the best quality keyboard I have had.
I have a question, Im fifteen can I still go to these meetups? any age restrictions?
You absolutely can!
Which switch you are using on Pok3r?
Amazing photos :). Maybe one day I can drive up from Los Angeles and join up, or better yet, get into a Los Angeles mechanical keyboard event and invite everyone to join from San Francisco :D!
Wow that looks fun. Wish this happened on the east coast too.
great photos everyone!
(well, I am all the way nearly the other side of the world, I would love to join this event but I don't think I will be able to join anytime soon....)
Dude! Where can I get that t-shirt that says "I don't always test my code, but when I do, I do it in PRODUCTION?"
oh man, i wish this would happen in NYC!
Nice to see that you had a lot of fun. Wish i could join someday, but 5600 miles is just to much for a weekend trip :-)
Whoa, that's a seriously good in house photographer. Looked like an awesome time. Props!
https://www.massdrop.com/buy/planck-mechanical-keyboard?referer=FCZM3G This drop should come back, there's more than 2000 people interested already! I want this so bad!
Did you get your Planck yet :)?
Question where can I buy that Team Wolf keyboard? Is if the same as the ones on Amazon? The size / layout looks different, also where do you find those beautiful dark gray keycaps?
dang wish i knew about this
150 g switches on that board. That's how you get giant muscly fingers.
and i thought blacks were stiff
love Dinokidz
Sad I had to leave early, glad the Custom Split hand made it in some shots! Thanks for hosting!
Just wanted to post the photobooth link in the discussion as well so it's easy for everyone to find it. http://imgur.com/a/pk3lm
should do another soon, didn't even hear about this
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will the event be posted on massdrop too?
We don't have a way to post it on the site right now, but we'll figure out a way :)

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