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What's New in the Quilting Community

After hearing the Quilting Community’s interest in new types of products from different brands, I decided to send out a survey to get a better idea of exactly what you’d like to see on Massdrop. The feedback was incredible—in a few short days, I received responses from more than 3,200 members! Now, as I begin reaching out to vendors to get your requested drops up on the site, I wanted to share the survey results, so everyone can see the fun that’s in store.

Survey Results

We asked: What types of crafting products would you like to see on Massdrop?

You answered: This one was pretty surprising! Though we’ve had numerous polls for knitting projects, garment sewing came out on top—and actually beat knitting by a solid 8 percent. “None of the above” was the second-highest response, which makes me think we have a lot of members who don’t look at quilting as merely a hobby, but as a serious passion that leaves little time for anything else.

We asked: What kind of knitting products would you like to see?

You answered: For the knitters in the community, yarn lead the way, but not by much. Again, a big chunk of survey participants (56 percent!) responded with “none of the above,” which reinforces my thinking that many of you focus solely on quilting, and don’t engage in other areas of crafting.

We asked: What are your favorite knitting brands?

You answered: Madelinetosh came up as one of the most popular brands, followed by Addi, Noro, Lion, Red Heart, Rowan, and Cascade. A handful of other brands had multiple requests, including Malabrigo, Chiagoo, Brooklyn Tweed, Clover, and Lantern Moon, and there seems to be interest in both hand-dyed and natural wool yarns.

As I keep sourcing, I’ll focus on brands and products that are of the same high quality quilters have come to expect from Massdrop, while steering away from brands that are readily available at big-box stores.

We asked: Which other needle-arts products and brands would you like to see?

You answered: We got lots and lots of comments about embroidery, cross-stitch, needlepoint, tatting… and quilting, too! I love that the quilters among us want to make sure we’re not forgotten. There were also some callouts for specific products, like embroidery kits, embroidery patterns, sewing kits, fabric by the yard, looms, batik fabrics, and Creative Grids rulers (to name just a few).

We asked: Are there any other products or brands you’d like to see that we didn’t cover above?

You answered: The majority of these responses had to do with embroidery, quilting supplies, and even more quilting supplies—and many of them were just plain “no.” Some of you went into more detail, listing fabric brands like Moda and Cotton+Steel. Unfortunately, these two brands have been virtually impossible to source, as they’re not interested in working with Massdrop and exclusively support local quilt shops.

Anything Else?

While this survey provided some great insights, I know it’s only one survey, and I’m always open to more suggestions on how to make the community the best it can be. Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and I’ll do all I can to answer any questions and work to source the products you want.

Let’s get the conversation started!

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