Audio Technica Athm 50 Headphones

Hey everyone,

Good news! We were able to source the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones, and you can find the drop here:

Enjoy. :)
i was looking at the audio technicas earlier and looking at some reviews
Would be nice to see what price we could get on the Audio-Technica's.
To the poll creator: Why did you even bother adding other headphones? The M50s will always win. Especially if they're the very first option.

Only one on this poll I like is the HD 598. I don't hate the ATH-M50s or the x-variant, it's just that I think they're overrated, especially on this site.
EDIT : I made a poll, check it out lol.

ATH m50x is overrated. The title clearly says what he wants to win.
if its super cheap than great but i hate to see it pushing out better options just because of the price. We need to make a poll where the ATH isnt even an option.
Let's go together for portable Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear - Red!
Way to create a poll with variety.
white ath-50x ftw!!! :)