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The Elite Controller isn't marketed as a "just fine" item, though. It's in the name: Elite. It's designed to go above and beyond, and to be a high performance device with premium build quality and features. There isn't really a controller right now that checks all those boxes.
You say the Steam Controller is garbage, and then praise the Elite controller specifically for its customization?
You do realize how silly that sounds, right?

You can make the SC do nearly anything, it can use KBM and Xinput at the same time, the touchpads can do anything from mouse to analog to Dpad (hell, even snap-position menus), you can bind anything to anything however you want. It has touchpads, an analog stick, gyro, dual-stage triggers, an...
I'll respond to a few points:

Shape: I'm not sure what you're on about. Do you mean it's uncomfortable? Because... I really don't understand how that would be. If you mean it just doesn't feel right, that's one of those "spend some time and get used to it" things. It's the best shape for the touchpads, it places your thumbs in the right place with the most access to the other stuff with the least strain. It only feels weird if you're trying to hol...
its because its a poor controller, physically. its fantastically customizable, but that doesn't matter if the shape is bad, the buttons too small and the triggers too short. (and it's missing a stick, but that wasn't a deal breaker IMO) I love how much you can customize the input, but that doesn't matter if they swing and miss on the physical.

That's not disregarding it, that's buying, testing, assessing and discarding.