Beyerdynamic Mmx 300 Gaming Headphones

Why are the beyerdynamic MMX 300's never listed there dt 770 with a Mic built in
It's not 7.1 though (it's simulated, which you can get with ANY headphones), that's marketing. On top of that, not headphones. Gaming headsets are generally bad quality with the exception of HyperX Cloud series (they are Takstar Pro80 headphone clones, they retain quality sound) Beyerdynamic MMX300, and Sennheiser G4ME series.

Degradation of signal happens over wireless, even if it is a slight amount, so that's why wireless computer components are...
Hey Audio Community,

We've got another lead on something that might be super exciting - Custom Beyer MMX 300s here at Massdrop. The catch is that we can only submit a few headphones for consideration. We want to hear from the community.

Make your voice heard by voting for one of the designs that have already been posted. If none of these float your boat, design your own and add your creation to the poll.

Here's the page to create your own: http://no...