Black Rock Shooter Backpack

I have a Maxpedition Falcon-ii. It's a nice bag with all the Molle I could want, a hydration bladder pocket, and an OK assortment of pockets. The colors they have are really ugly though and the fabric of the bag itself is really stiff though, so I got it in black. At around ~$130 it's definitely a lot more affordable than the TAD bag. I wish someone would make a similar backpack with waxed canvas.

I work for local gov't so in the event of a di...
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Weather Sealing Your Camera?

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Black & Gold Nanodots Giveaway

Biolite and 5" firebox are both way too heavy for backpacking at 1.5-2 and 2 lb.

The vargo stove is absolute trash. It's light and easy to put together but it doesn't get enough air flow so you have to keep the door wide open all the time or the fire goes out. This causes the flames to shoot out the side instead of onto your pot so it takes forever to boil water. It's also really hard to add sticks to a very tiny firebox from the side while i...