Board Game Cafe

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Played Joking Hazard last weekend at a board game cafe. It's now a question of when, not if, I buy the game.
I think tabletop gaming appeals to a very different audience from, say, fpv racers or gunpla fanatics. I fully support a board+card+pen/paper game category separate from the other hobby stuff - and maybe start working with smaller comic publishers to get quarterly hauls on massdrop!
When I think Hobby Shop, I think models (model cars, model tanks, Gunpla), games (table top games, card games, trading card games, board games, custom game pieces), and miniatures (miniature figurines, painting miniatures).

I have never walked into my local hobby shop and seen cooking equipment, musical instruments, vaporizers (except by the people using them), or home brewing equipment (which I think is part of cooking equipment, personally). Tho...