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I got mine in. The base is super dirty, as in its more dirt colored than white. It almost looks like its been through a fire. The plug doesnt line up correctly with the hole in the back to plug it in, and the switch feels like it is going to fall off the back it is so loose. The light isn't uniform and way brighter near the bottom. The gemetric lines are all distorted and wavy. Overall worst 80$ I have spent in a long time.


I have seen some poor versions of these elsewhere where the light doesn't really do a good job unless in a pitch black room. So if these are legit as Butch says then they are a go. They look awesome.
Hello Everyone, As Alex has said we only work with OEM's to source verified products. There are several imitations available for cheaper elsewhere, but I can't verify the quality of their production methods or final product like I can with this vendor. Cheers.
These things can be bought for $20 on amazon, wtf
So I did a little poking around Google and Amazon. It looks like there are a bunch of different manufacturers/retailers doing this sort of thing. I don't know who the manufacturer is here, but the reviews for these things are all over the map. A company called HOCN has some really terrible reviews on Amazon, whereas Padshow and Playtime123 have 3-5 stars overall for these products. There have also been a couple Kickstarters for this type of product by the name of Bulbing by Studio Cheha and 3d Illusion Lighting by Blue Pine Studio. Didn't look them up specifically, just found the old Kickstarter listings via YouTube videos of the products. Most of what I've found so far is in the $20-$100 range for the base and one acrylic sheet, but pretty much all are on sale right now (if not always) for $40 or less.
The one thing I have noticed that you might want to watch out for if you do plan on buying one of these and getting different "bulb" options is that these products seem to have 2 different standards for the acrylic lighting sheets the lamps take. One standard has the sheets measured at 4mm thick (as this drop does) and others have their acrylic sheets measured at 5mm thick. I'm assuming a 4mm won't fit in a slot for a 5mm and vice versa, so something to be aware of. There also seems to be ones that have multiple color options and those that have a single color, if you care about the color customization.
I'm sure 25% off is a good sale price by Massdrop for this product as I do trust they sourced one of the higher quality versions of these things for this drop. The problem is, however, that every other listing I've seen for a high quality version of this that is around $100 is also currently on sale for at least 50% off.
How do things like this happen; how does an inflated MSRP make it onto Massdrop when users find the same thing way cheaper via Google?
Don't misinterpret my tone, genuinely curious. Is it contractual, do manufacturers approach Massdrop, etc.?
I'm going to ask the Tech team about it, but I can hazard a guess based on my experience with similar items in the past(not from our site).
A lot of the times when there's a gadget like this and it's pretty easy to replicate the looks, the original maker takes the time to source quality components, doesn't cheap out on the pcb or it's design, uses more reliable led's, gets proper certifications, does actual QC, etc, etc.
Then someone comes along and rigs up the most barest bones version replica possible with the cheapest possible everything. Steals the original's pictures and slaps up some vendor page somewhere. Then they ship out some hobbled together piece of garbage that barely works right. Just enough to say you got what you ordered and then it dies in maybe a month. Which is just long enough that people won't hassle with their overly complicated return process because it was only $20.
Sorry, going on a tangent(You maybe can tell I still get frustrated about it). Anyway, we work with the original makers who send us info about their product(including msrp), if they also sell it elsewhere and at what cost. Usually we dig around a bit to see if there's any other retailers selling the same item and do some back and forth. We do not typically take into account knock off's or items not verified by our manufacturer/vendor. I can go to Ali Express and probably find "Beats" headphones for $20. I would also probably not take my chances on those.
Now, I don't know if that's the case here even a little bit, but I am looking into it. They may very well just have not done enough research. I'll see what I can find out.
Hope this helps a bit.
I'm impressed Alex, thank you for taking the time to type that up for us! Answered my question perfectly.
Remove. Got one for ten dollars lmao.
This is sad to see. I usually price-check all the drops, but essentially that means MassDrop is just a shopping window for me and I never buy things from them...
Yeah, I imagine it can't cost much more than that to make. I mean what, a cheap RGB LED strip with remote that can be had for chump change, a base to hold it and direct the light up a slit and etched acrylic or glass? I'd love to be the one making so much bank off this.
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Its on amazon, look it up
Seriously MD remove this
I made one of these for GCSE ahaha super cheap to make if you have access to a laser cutter :p
$20 shipped on Amazon, lol. What a joke at $80 / MSRP $100
Even cheaper in Canada lmao http://a.co/csO3pY9
haha, at $15 CAD I'm tempted just for the heck of it
looks like there are a ton of others like this that are much cheaper, I'm going to do some research to find the best affordable 3D lamp and I'll post it here
Would much appreciate that!
These sell so cheap elsewhere.
on sell @ aliexpress for $17 shipped lol
Shame there's no Klein bottle, Menger sponge, or Mobius strip, these seem like obvious choices when making a product like this. Geometry nerds would definitely shell out cash for real, meaningful shapes.
Maybe if they were actually 3D...
Who is the original seller of this? If I buy one I would like to be able to get more acrylic sheets.
I'd also like to know this...