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3D LED RGB DIY Light Cube Kit

3D LED RGB DIY Light Cube Kit

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This is my last MassDrop purchase as this is 100% misleading. These are not RGB LEDs. These are 3 packs of LEDs and you can choose which color you solder. This is the picture they should have posted: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61ddk56As5L.jpg
Hello All,

Unfortunately we accidentally launched this drop while we have yet to ship the previous one.

We will have to shut this one down until we have fully shipped the previous order.
This item is available on Amazon for $31.99
So is this an RGB cube?

This quote from the description seems to allow for selecting colors from a 'spectrum'

"from emulating rain to constructing a pyramid to shuffling through the RGB spectrum"

Or is it what others have mentioned: 500 LED with 1/3 being red, 1/3 being green and 1/3 being blue?
Gah, I received mine today. Probably not going to buy anything further from massdrop because of this one.
Saying that is useless without any explanation...
misleading...but cheap.
Misleading how?
Oh I see now. Thanks!
Calling it such is misleading

What you think it is: You can change it from red to blue to green at anytime and any color inbeteween. NOPE

What it really is: You install single color LEDs, switching the color requires soldering different LEDs
This is more than misleading, IMHO, this is getting closer to "lying".
I'd consider this if there were an option for monochrome (all-red or all-blue would be fantastic).

And fix the description ffs, don't bury another misleading "clarification" in the fine print and comments. jfc.
This listing is totally misleading read some of the posts below first if you are thinking of joining this one. Massdrop dropped the ball on the title/description of this listing and they should really change it.
Is the usb connection only for uploading? Can it be used to turn on/off individual lights from a computer?
still waiting for my package was supposed to ship on January 12 shipped on the 17 from china so I'm not getting this anytime soon
I can't believe that they are doing this drop again. I signed up for this last time only to be told that it was out of stock and my money would be returned. So how do they suddenly have stock when less than 2 weeks ago they canceled the drop? Was it because they decided that the offer of a reduced price on the soldering iron was too low? I only got the drop because you had the option to get the iron too. Otherwise I'd have to get one regardless just to do this.
Just to be clear, this is NOT an "RGB LEDs" cube kit.
There are NOT ~550 RGB LEDs in this kit.

This is a cube with separate blue, green, and red LEDs.
192 blue LEDs,
128 green LEDs,
192 red LEDs.

The video is NOT for this version of the cube, it's for the all blue one.
The sainsmart page for these is here: https://www.sainsmart.com/products/3d-led-light-square-diy-kit
And they do have a wiki instructions page that includes how to load different animations from a PC: http://wiki.sainsmart.com/index.php/3D_LightSquared_DIY_Kit_8x8x8_5mm_White_LED_Cube_Red_Green_Blue_Squared_Music_MP3_Lamp_(101-20-155)

I realize that sainsmart calls this an "RGB" cube, and that technically it is a "red, green, and blue LEDs" cube, but honestly I feel like the RGB acronym being in the title of the massdrop listing the way it is, rather than written out as individual words, is a bit deceptive, given that it's usually used for actual RGB individual diodes. I would have bought an actual RGB LED cube at this price, but have no interest in what this actually is, which is definitely not a cube of RGB LEDs.
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They really should change the title of this listing to reflect that. I feel it's a little deceiving calling it an RGB LED cube.
Yeah I almost joined this drop but I'm glad I read your post first. This listing is very misleading, kind of dropped the ball on this one Massdrop. I hope they change this listing to reflect what it actually is and also remove the video and inaccurate pictures.
Anyone know what level of programming this requires? Is there any sort of software that comes on this device or am I stuck trying to Matlab this shit?