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3D Printed Pokeball

3D Printed Pokeball

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If You Wanna Be The Very Best

3D printing opened myriad doors for people around the world, but the door that allows you to become a Pokemon master is definitely the most important. This particular Pokeball is printed by Sculpteo, a French 3D printing company that is working on some very creative consumer level options. We increased its build area from the default 2 centimeters across to 3.5 cm, which should allow you to hold very small pokemon.

3D Printed Pokeball

Like No One Ever Was

Not printed from ABS or PLA filament, it's actually made of a Multi-Colored mineral powder. The technical information from Sculpteo is below, so be aware of what you will be receiving. Despite its magical appearance and your vivid imagination, unfortunately this is not a functional monster storage device. If you throw it on the ground, it will break.

3D Printed Pokeball

To Catch Them Is Your True Test

The raw material is composed of fine mineral powder. During fabrication each 0.1mm layer is constructed individually. The minimum size of visible details on the model is 0.4 mm. When using this technology, the minimum wall thickness is 2 mm. This is the only material that allows you to make full color items in a single pass, with 16 million colors possible. It is also the most affordable way to build multi-colored items, which enables the more competitive price point.

The object is as hard and brittle as porcelain, and should only be used as an ornament. The surface has a grainy, sanded appearance.

The object is shipped in its finished state, and should not be sandpapered, as it would damage the surface. This material should not be exposed to water.

3D Printed Pokeball

Build Video for Mineral Objects


  • 3.5 cm x 3.6 cm x 3.7 cm
  • Glossy Varnish
  • zp 151 Powder
  • Made by Sculpteo


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Estimated ship date is May 22, 2014 PT.

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