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3Yo3 Hourglass Yoyo

3Yo3 Hourglass Yoyo

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Timeless Design

Landon Balk’s design for the Hourglass Yoyo was a 3rd place winner in the 2010 Worlds Mod contest. Featuring a timeless design, the hourglass is clear with a sand infused construction that is gorgeous and thematic. With a distinct throw and a response with General-Yo Hat Pads, it's a collectible must-have for enthusiasts looking for a unique look to their next yoyo. This particular run features white sand filled into the interior of the yoyo.

3Yo3 Hourglass Yoyo


  • 3YO3
  • White Sand
  • Diameter: 50.80 mm
  • Width: 41.36 mm
  • Weight: 77.1 g
  • Bearing size: C
  • Gap Width: 4.02 mm
  • Response: General-Yo Hat Pads


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Estimated ship date is June 5, 2015 PT.

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