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5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack

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Be nice if it was better quality and had others colors, gray, ranger green, even black...
I have the Rush 72 and MOAB 10. Can't go wrong with 5.11 unless you demand it being made in USA (which I would prefer, but that's the way it goes...). This isn't a bad price but if you are patient then 5.11 has 20% and 25% sales throughout the year plus free shipping.
I would like to see a high quality backpack with AustriAlpin buckles/cinches.
Would love a 20ish litter laptop sleeve version of a daily driver like this.
Level 3 backpack
beat me to it
joke price. i posted this before, i can find good quality tactical bags at my local stores for like USD 20, and there are more colours and designs to choose from...
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Some people just don't care about fit and finish. Don't care that it has YKK zippers ($20-30 ones don't, and if it says YKK, they're counterfeit). And some people just can't seem to discern between something of low quality and something of high quality. Like some people are perfectly fine with buying a $10 knife, and think there's no difference between it and a $300 knife. It's so weird to me. This phenomenon is becoming more prevalent, and it sucks because they favor shitty quality stuff. That makes the high quality stuff, that you and I like, harder to find and more expensive. I couldn't imagine how shitty a $20 backpack is. I can just touch/feel something, with my eyes closed, and be able to tell the quality of it.
And Iwill add this to your little nugget of wisdom.

The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.

Wow! The price on this is crazy! The 5.11 Rush 24 that I got from Cabella's was much more expensive than this one! Plus it's the dark earth color, which makes this a wonderful option for anyone looking to carry a lot with them for those just-in-case situations or as your go-bag! I love my Rush 24 and you will too!
Wow looks exactly like my SOG bag i picked up at Walmart for $30. Are they owned by the same company?!?
Only difrence I see is my SOG has the waist support.

pretty close to being visually the same thing, but if you were taking the bags to the limit, you'd still want the 5.11. Sog makes the bags just for walmart, they dont list it on their website.
Bought this bag in 2007-2008 and it was pretty much the only daypack I use until I switch to Mystery Ranch Urban Assult recently. I still keep Rush 24 and use it from time to time but after 9 years of use the elastic bands are no longer elastic and it won't keep the extra strap in place. All the hardware are still in good condition though. Never had broken buckle(even if it breaks, you can buy ITW Nexus replacement hardware and replace it without having to sew it back on).
I just hate the look of 99% of mystery ranch packs. The rain cover top thing makes them look like cocoons on your back. I wish they would make a regular looking backpack.
I think Urban Assault has quite regular looking when compare to others in their line. The only thing that makes it stand out more than other backpack is probably the tri zip design. Besides it doesn't have Molle webbing on the outside so it is much lighter.
I bought this backpack locally at an army supply store, cost me about $150 CAD. Worth every penny. Bought it for school 'cause I was sick of every brand of bag (even the renowned Swiss Gear) falling apart after one semester. Had this bag for like 3-4 years now, it shows no signs of wear. No broken zippers, belts, buckles or pull ties. I treat it pretty rough too.
Heeey its the bag from Ghost Recon Wildlands!!
Black only??!!?? Meh. Not for me. Give me the tan/ coyote / flat dark earth, whatever 5.11 labels it. All the pics are of this color, yet the pack is only available in black. Smh.
That was not my comment, I did reply to it, but 9 weeks ago for a previous drop for heavens sake. Read the the time stamp.
This bag is on sale for U.S. customers at $103.99 with free shipping at http://www.511tactical.com/rush-24-backpack.html. Just sayin'
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Yup. The sale ended months ago.