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60% Keyboard Aluminum Case

60% Keyboard Aluminum Case

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Aluminum Keyboard Case

While you’d be fine leaving your new 60% keyboard out on your desk, you can refine your desk design with a slight structural upgrade. Machined from aluminum and compatible with most 60% mechanical keyboards, the 60% Aluminum Keyboard Case brings you a hefty base with a stylish finish. The rock solid case is built with a slight slant, propping the keys up for a better viewing angle.

Note: On this drop you have your choice of finish in black, silver, blue, red, or gold (+$10).

60% Keyboard Aluminum Case


Sometimes you want to go slim and chic, but other times you want a brick house for your keys. If you miss the days when dropping your keyboard meant worrying more about the floor, then you’re in luck. This case is for those times you need to fend off a bear in between gaming sessions and don’t want to worry about damaging your new 60%. Weighing in at an impressive 27 ounces and boasting four foot pad slots, you can be sure this keyboard won’t slide around even with the most vigorous typing. If you want to go even heavier, the 60% Aluminum Case comes with an additional slot machined out for extra weight.

60% Keyboard Aluminum Case


60% Keyboard Aluminum Case
60% Keyboard Aluminum Case
60% Keyboard Aluminum Case
60% Keyboard Aluminum Case
60% Keyboard Aluminum Case


  • Cast Aluminum with CNC finishing details
  • Compatible with most 60% keyboards
  • 26.74 oz (760 g)
  • 11.3 x 4.1 x 1.3 in (288. x 104.6 x 33.3 mm)


  • PTFE feet


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