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This looks like a subpar iFixit kit
I am really disapointed by this purchase. I thought it would be better quality and wouldn't have expected to be a simple dropshipping product. Which makes me wonder about all the other product here.
You can find these all over Amazon (and surely Alibaba/AliExpress, if that's closer to you) and most I looked at were cheaper with free Amazon Prime shipping. I couldn't find a 100% match for the base toolkit, but everything seemed to come in the same or extremely similar case (a different color or strap position changed but otherwise identical layout and tools) with alternate driver/bit kit in the center.
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That's true. I just wonder if the whole brand is questionably cheap. I've not owned King'sdun. Is it good quality?
it's not i fixit but it's descent has not stripped out screws yet or tips like some i have bought before but it's good enough to go on calls or a buddy's house and cheap enough that if one gets lost you can replace it cheaply i tend to keep my good tools at home and take these out and about
Just got shipping confirmation for mine(was supposed to ship on 12/29 but was delayed for some reason).
How about specs for the add-ons kits?
So has anyone gotten an update on their shipping info yet?
just got my set in the mail today on 1/23/2018 it was supposed to be shipped on 12/29/2017 so you should be getting yours soon {fingers crossed}
Where is the shipping information?
I'm going to figure that it's the crazy cold that is stopping these from shipping.
I think the sea froze over. That or this drop is a time machine of what it was like to order something online during the "Dial-Up" era.
Where is the shipping information?
Wow this is a carbon copy of the ifixit kit
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This kit is new to me, looking up the ifixit pro tech toolkit, it's pretty much the same, although this kit seems to have 1 or 2 more things like the exacto knife and ruler. This is a fair bit cheaper than the ifixit version...but something fills me with more confidence in the ifixit to make the extra $27 seem worth it.
i have both the older ifixit kit and the newer pro version. the first version came with a exacto knife. it bugged me that the new one didnt. i ended up buying one on amazon for a few bucks to throw into the new kit.

overall. i would go with an official ifixit kit 100% of the time.
The only thing I see here that I'd want is the case the tweezers come in.... I wonder if any of the Chinese retailers have something like that...
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no problem!
I don't mean to clutter up this thread but I just had to comment on the AmazonSmile link. I noticed it supports the School of the Future Parent Association. It just gave me such a "it's a small world" feel because I happen to have went to School of the Future for junior high. Best educational experience of my life.
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