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Professional 75-Piece Toolkit

Professional 75-Piece Toolkit

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I just tried to add all the options to my order and the order showed up as totalling just the basic drop. I tried to edit to no avail, and no option to cancel. This could be my last order if this keeps up.

EDIT: After reading the comments on how cheaply made these tools are, I am glad that I didn't get stuck with a toolkit that has a lot of cheaply made tools at above market value.

UPDATE: I have seen the order number and it does give me some options. One is to cancel and there are others. It's not clear how to get to these options, but they are there. You need to read the auto-generated email and click on the order number. You cannot do anything through the drop itself, so you must go through the order number to edit order.
You can get these a lot cheaper on Amazon and a lot faster.
I wanted to follow up on this because people keep liking my earlier comment and I decided I wanted to dive a little deeper into these see what these kits were actually like. And to be absolutely clear, prosumers and professionals should look elsewhere. This is a not a boutique, premium tookit, and is not going to last you a lifetime. However, this is a fair price for such tools and is perfect for a hobbyist or as a cheap secondary set to have around the house or with other supplies you'd keep in your car, just in case. Be aware that Amazon has them way cheaper, can ship them tomorrow, and with free two-day shipping if you've got Prime.

The base toolkit appears to be the same as this Syntus kit (just re-branded with a different color in the precision driver kit): Or if you just want the precision driver kit:

I also ordered the precision driver kit that used to be included with this kit when I wrote my earlier comment. Bit quality seems the same if not slightly worse, and the flexible extender is useful but broke the first time I used it. Bit storage is far worse, it uses those awful rubber bit holder, which are staggered over each other in a crap plastic tray. This made swapping bits a chore and I'd take risking the durability of the weird plastic mechanism in the kit now featured in this drop (and in my two links above) over it. In fact, I can't see any reason to recommend it when the above kit exists. If you got one of those, you might consider upgrading just the driver kit since all the rest of the base kit looks identical to me.

Hope this helps someone.
$22.99 on Amazon Prime. Probably not worth it due to low quality materials.
Another quick followup because I keep getting email about this -- I wandered into my IT department yesterday and saw the same precision driver kit on their bench. These guys are swapping dozens of SSDs between machines every day, and if it's good enough for them in the field, I'd argue it's probably good enough for a hobbyist. Again, you can still get it cheaper over on Amazon's site.
Brilliant and handy kit
This looks like a subpar iFixit kit
I am really disapointed by this purchase. I thought it would be better quality and wouldn't have expected to be a simple dropshipping product. Which makes me wonder about all the other product here.
You can find these all over Amazon (and surely Alibaba/AliExpress, if that's closer to you) and most I looked at were cheaper with free Amazon Prime shipping. I couldn't find a 100% match for the base toolkit, but everything seemed to come in the same or extremely similar case (a different color or strap position changed but otherwise identical layout and tools) with alternate driver/bit kit in the center.
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That's true. I just wonder if the whole brand is questionably cheap. I've not owned King'sdun. Is it good quality?
it's not i fixit but it's descent has not stripped out screws yet or tips like some i have bought before but it's good enough to go on calls or a buddy's house and cheap enough that if one gets lost you can replace it cheaply i tend to keep my good tools at home and take these out and about
Just got shipping confirmation for mine(was supposed to ship on 12/29 but was delayed for some reason).
How about specs for the add-ons kits?
So has anyone gotten an update on their shipping info yet?
just got my set in the mail today on 1/23/2018 it was supposed to be shipped on 12/29/2017 so you should be getting yours soon {fingers crossed}
Where is the shipping information?
I'm going to figure that it's the crazy cold that is stopping these from shipping.
I think the sea froze over. That or this drop is a time machine of what it was like to order something online during the "Dial-Up" era.
Where is the shipping information?
Wow this is a carbon copy of the ifixit kit
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This kit is new to me, looking up the ifixit pro tech toolkit, it's pretty much the same, although this kit seems to have 1 or 2 more things like the exacto knife and ruler. This is a fair bit cheaper than the ifixit version...but something fills me with more confidence in the ifixit to make the extra $27 seem worth it.
i have both the older ifixit kit and the newer pro version. the first version came with a exacto knife. it bugged me that the new one didnt. i ended up buying one on amazon for a few bucks to throw into the new kit.

overall. i would go with an official ifixit kit 100% of the time.