76-in-1 Magnetic Pro Repair Tool Setsearch

76-in-1 Magnetic Pro Repair Tool Set

76-in-1 Magnetic Pro Repair Tool Set

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A photo of this kit was sent to my e-mail. Looks like the kind of cheap imported trash you can find at Harbor Freight. That's not why I joined this site and if I get another email promoting a bullshit drop like this I'm going to quit this site for good.
I am looking for a good quality set of tools like this at a decent price... ones that don't break or bend the first time that you use them. Does this set qualify??? Thanks.
Yes, but you can find them cheaper elsewhere
Thanks! Yes, I see them at Amazon for $25 including shipping. Wonder why Massdrop bothers with items that are so easily obtained elsewhere. Also, I am guessing that the returns policy on Massdrop is more complicated than Amazon's.
This is 12 bucks on Amazon
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I've purchased this same set on Amazon for a little more than 12 dollars
I won't post competing websites but i got this same set for around $13. It is a great set of tools but the quality is on the cheaper side
So you were able to get in touch with the factory?
iFixit's set is expensive for a reason. Just remember that.
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Eh, I rounded off an ifixit phillips head from one of their kits on first use -was not user error. Was not impressed.
I ordered over the phone. I dont think they have a websight ORIA is the name of the company. Good luck man.
I wouldn't pay $15 for this..
I question the price of the price drop can buy at amazon for 26 dollars I am losing trust for massdrop saying that its cheaper to get but really isnt.
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yup I recently bought this one off amazon for $13 dollars using a code from Kinja deals
$13 would have been good, but now it is $30.
I was able to purchase this on Amazon for $22. The plastic inside the main tool box is flimsy, wish they had gone with something of higher quality. The tool bits seem "fine" in limited use, no obvious scratching or wear on the drivers. The razor included is... questionable. The clip fell apart easily, would not recommend making this your main/only razor. The included tools apart from the driver/bits are similar/same as what you would find in the iFixIt case, but is missing the suction cup and spacers for removing cell phone screens. For the Amazon price, Id recommend it. I do feel the iFixIt case and setup would be ideal if its within your budget
I got suction cup and spacers in mine
Cheaper on Amazon.
OMG, you are right:

I wouldn't recommend buying a cheap tool set to work on electronics, at best it will slow you down, at worst you could damage parts/components.

iFixit has a great, affordable and quality kit I would recommend (That this set is so desperately trying to copy) and a user below recommend the brands Wiha and Nanch, both make great tools as well.

Unless you only want to take a retired electronic device apart to see how it works inside, and not worry about whether it works if you put it back together, don't cheap out on tools.
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its something that i would need to use often and it would need to suit small electronics and computer components, i have been told ifixit tools are really worth getting and Wiha tools are also very reputable as well. I don't mind spending a bit more on tools as long as they are durable enough for the job at hand.
Then I definitely recommend not buying cheap tools like these.