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8Bitdo NES30 Arcade Joystick

8Bitdo NES30 Arcade Joystick

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Can I use this on a SNES?
This on Amazon right now for $59.99, I would pass on this price
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I thought the point of a drop was to get better pricing through group buys. This is based off MSRP when they first came out. These are now already cheaper than MSRP at other retailers that offer free 2 day shipping. I am passing at the MD pricing, not worth it.
Yeah man, came here hoping to see a better deal that the one on Amazon. Pretty disappointing, would've jumped otherwise
So this definitely doesn't support either PS4 or XO?
nope, it’s not support both.
Isn't this exact same thing cheaper on Amazon?
Excellent moddable arcade stick, but the price is way too high. You could get it for $30 cheaper at certain points the past few weeks.
Care to share where?
I have two of these that I successfully swapped sticks and buttons. Soldering will be required for a stick change, buttons are dead easy and require no soldering. If anyone needs assistance navigating the stick mod, I'll do my best to help, but I take no responsibility
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Do you know where I can find the parts I need to get linear switches? Not for this stick but for a Mayflash.
focus attack has what you need
I just wanted to express how much this thing rocks. So satisfied.
Anyone else been charged shipping then it is sent cod?
anyone having trouble connecting to their nintendo switch? I got it to work once, but haven't been able to get it to connect since.
You aren't the only one. I have to often reconnect it to the switch. I think the key is holding down the Start and Y button for only about 3 seconds when you are turning it on and the pressing the "pairing" button for a couple seconds until the light starts flashing blue. Then you have to use a different controller to "change grip". Even when I do this, it doesn't always work. I usually need to try it a few times to get the connection to work.
Hmm normally it should connect automatically after the first sync.
Only first time you should hold start+Y

another thing is after Switch have update firmware, you should update the stick fw too. I think 4.2 broke it IIRC.
Tracking received! It is on its way!
Massdrop's description is incorrect regarding some features. According to a disclaimer on the 8bitdo page:

* nintendo switch compatibility is limited by the number of buttons and does not support HD rumble, s-axis motion control or amiibo scanning.
Hmm this or the Hori Switch Fight Stick?
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You should go for HORI if you don’t modded the stick.
Or if you want to save some bucks, 8bitdo can do fine job.
I was actually just wondering about this....when I saw this stick, my first thought was "omg thats really cool to offer the NES accessories!", but then my second was "ugh wait what kind of buttons does it use" hahaha