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8Bitdo NES30/FC30 Retro Bluetooth Gamepad

8Bitdo NES30/FC30 Retro Bluetooth Gamepad

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NOT recommended for hardcore gamers. D-pad is pretty much useless for any game requiring precision like Contra or Street Fighter, and is not even comfortable. It hits diagonals WAY too easily, because the PCB is actually fucked. Some people have shown to them how they could fix it and create a better design but they refuse to fix the PCBs, NOT EVEN with the release of their new SN30 and FN30. They have shown time and time again that they don't care to improve their products despite customer feedback. (even when they could drastically improve the joystick on their other controllers by deleting the disgusting 4-5 lines of code from their firmware which adds built-in deadzone, and not even the proper way to do deadzone). It's a cute controller for its portability, but don't expect to have fun with this if you care about quality controls. There are better Chinese knockoffs than this.
out of curiosity specifically which Chinese knockoff, for science.
Well I couldn't say exactly if this is a 'Chinese' knockoff specifically, but the iBuffalo controller is afaik VERY well regarded by enthusiasts, perhaps being the best NES controller clone. Disclaimer: I haven't personally used it, just what I read online, and from my extensive research, I couldn't find anything negative about that controller..
Will this one be compatible with the nintendo switch like the NES30 Pro?
Add another to the list that received a SNES controller when it's not even offered in this drop...
Also got the wrong controller. This is the 2nd time MassDrop fuked my order.
I received the SNES controller when I ordered the NES version...wow is all I can say
Don't buy this for the NES receiver they just send you an SNES one instead. They won't allow you to return the order either, saying " We only offer returns for items that arrive damaged, defective, not-as-advertised, or are missing components. " Yeah I'm missing the NES receiver is that not a component? Anyways, last time I buying anything from here...
ahhhh man come on guys. its the same price on amazon and the receiver is actually $3 more than amazon ($24.99 here versus $16.99 on amazon) and worse the combo deal on amazon is CHEAPER $39.99 versus your $44.99

I just ordered it from amazon. Right now 1023 this morning and it will arrive ... Today. Same Day.

$42.39 with tax for controller and receiver.
You may be right but not everyone can buy stuff from Amazon.com. Here in Canada just the NES receiver is 40.00 CND shipped, which is like 30.00 US dollars
I ordered the NES30 controller and the receiver for the NES. Got the correct controller but for some reason the sent me the receiver for the SNES. Contacted Massdrop twice in the past week and a half and have never gotten a response back from them on how to return the item. Got tired of waiting and picked up the NES receiver from Microcenter since Massdrop's customer service doesn't give a damn.
Same here but they at least refunded me for the SNES receiver. I had to jump through hoops though...
Really sucks waiting all this time to recieve the wrong product..I too received the NES30 Pro instead of the regular NES30
... Did you people just not have the NES30? I also got the NES30 Pro. What the fu##.
I got the NES 30 glad they didn't send me the pro, cause I already have the pro... They did hoever send me the SNES receiver instead of the NES one.
I also got the NES30 Pro instead of the NES30 that I ordered.
Got completely wrong one than advertised. I got one with joysticks... no where did they say they had joysticks. I got the nes30 pro.
The group's bulk order arrived earlier to our warehouse in New Jersey and many of the individual packages have already shipped back out. However, upon taking inventory of everything received, our team was made aware of a backorder affecting a small handful of units. Rest assured, we've reached back out to the vendor to resolve this hiccup and expect to have the remaining units in our warehouse shortly.

We understand that the additional wait time is undesirable. If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button in your transactions page (http://massdrop.com/transactions).

You can expect an update from us on 1/9 or sooner if something comes up.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (http://massdrop.com/helpcenter).
Any updates on the current status of orders?
I received the wrong product. I got an NES30 Pro controller which includes two analog sticks...
Hey KrumpetPirate - Sorry to read that you have received the wrong product. Please submit a support ticket via the My Transactions tab in your vendor profile and our support team can assist you. Thank you -
I contacted support to find that this was a pretty common problem for this order. Since the product I received is technically an upgrade, I decided to keep it. I only commented here to ensure that people were aware that it had happened.