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A&H Leather Passport Wallet

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This may seem like a silly question, but I just want to confirm that "Buffalo", "Cow" and "Lamb" refer the animal that "donated" the material as opposed to some sort of style description. Thanks!
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my levenger wallet?
I remain unconvinved that it is leather, they said leather, but after several months the supposed 'glue stench' is still plenty strong. And it really doesn't feel like leather.<
Mind you, I am starting to be tempted by the A&H products, they do look great
Okay, but in that case I don’t see how any of that was relevant. This is not a Levenger drop.

Edit: Also, in a separate comment, you asked the seller to stop using the word “leather”.
Massdrop needs a community discussion on different types of leather. A lot of the “men” in the men’s accessory community seem tripped up between genuine, full grain, and other types of leather.
Agreed SunCityJon
This is why we dedicated a page of our site to that same explanation, here, http://www.ahleather.com/leather_lessons.php
A good oppy for some education, if needed.
I received this product today and I must say I am really disappointed. The wallet is cheap so I was not expecting much but even for this low price the quality is not up to standard.

The leather does not look or feel genuine, it is thin and there are some lines (see pic) that seem to have scratched the leather. Since the leather is very thin the cardboard skeleton is affecting the shape of it and mine looks all wrinkly whether its filled or empty.

The credit card slots are different sizes so some cards do not fit in some slots (even though they fit in other slots).

Also unlike the user who posted below in the discussion I have not received the round sticker and the company card in the package. Looks like a very inconsistent quality control and I do not recommend buying anything from AH on Massdrop. Disappointed.

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[Start Quote]
Full grain leather: 96% leather
Top grain leather: 84% leather
Genuine leather: 47% leather
[End Quote]

That's not how leather works at all. A simple look at wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leather#Grades tells you what the grades actually are
"Here are some examples I made up :
Full grain leather: 96% leather
Top grain leather: 84% leather
Genuine leather: 47% leather"

This is nonsense. Full grain, top grain, and genuine have nothing at all to do with "how much" leather any given produce is. It has to do with the *type* of leather it is. Five minutes on Google will clear this up for you.
I just surprisingly received shipment delivery confirmation, two days prior to expected ship date...

ChurchillW thanks for the photos and updates. Glad you joined the drop.
I like how these look and a bit too many slots for me and looks like it may carry heavy due to that. It's also seems too cheap to be good.

Does anyone have experience with these?

I specifically like the lizard print cow in Brown.
These are full grain leather and as you can see from our other drops, our quality is never an issue. Yes, we are priced differently, but as our description says, "good work at a fair price". That's all we are trying to offer up. Thanks for looking.
Are these made in-house by A&H, or sourced from another manufacturer? If the latter, what's the country of origin?
Hi zofodraziw this is our brand, manufactured for us. Our manufacturer is the same as many of the large, well known brands, out of India. Hope this helps.
Great, thanks for the information!
What are the dimensions?
Here are the Dims:
closed: 8.5in x 4.5in x .5in
open: 8.5in x 9in x .25 in
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