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A19 Smart LED RGB Bluetooth Light Bulb

A19 Smart LED RGB Bluetooth Light Bulb

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Honestly, I've had it almost a year now.
Works fine for the price at that time.
On occasion the app wont connect (even after restarting it) so just turn the light switch on and off once or 3 times.

Now something like the ikea Tradfri would be a good match?
Just when I wanted it in a project, the light stopped working. The app doesnt identify it. Even before this, it was quite inconsistent. Please dont buy such products
it is not bad products, the packaging, materials and the brightness. sometimes maybe the bluetooth connection is not stable as it is common in the ble solution of the products in ios and android system, android is worse in the application
I like that the laptop in the picture looks like a Macbook running Windows 8 ;).
Highly recommend not buying if they make this drop active again. Since i bought two bulbs and one of them wont even connect already. complete waste of money.
My recommendation to Massdrop.... don't sell lights like these that are not Zigbee or Zwave (ie will work with Smartthings or other home automation platforms)... or at worst WiFi.

A bluetooth light bulb is really a waste of a purchase. If you want to turn the light off or on from any real distance you are going to be sol.

Additionally I come to Massdrop expecting every item to have had some reasonable amount of validation to be of a higher quality than the crap you can find on ebay or now even Amazon. This is an example of that not being the case.
As someone who initially bought a bluetooth bulb, I agree 100%. I'd say stay away from these. They're cool I guess to be able to change colors, but after a while relying on an app becomes tedious to turn on/off lights. Eventually, I took the plunge and just upgraded to a Philips Hue system, which I'm really happy with. Though it's more expensive, I'd say looking into any full-featured lighting system is the way to go.
How are the cool whites (can it do cool whites properly? it only mentions rgb and warm whites, but what about closer to true white? Like from 5000k+ color temp. Id like to find a bulb capable of a good true white light and have rgb for adjusting hues.
Is it waterproof ...for landscape
So counter to a lot of the bad reviews here, my bulb came in and I've been using it for awhile now and haven't had a single issue with it. The app works fine, and if you turn off the app while having a preset going it will continue to use said preset until you tell it to do otherwise. It dims nicely in ever color you need. If you want/need it, it's not too bad a deal in my opinion.
and the new app for the android 7.0 system is updated. so the previous bad review for the connectivity and compatibility issue maybe will be solved, let us see
Ahh ok sweet. Yes let's hope. I forgot to mention I'm still running Android 5.0 on a galaxy s5.
Don't buy! App doesn't connect to bulbs. Waste of money.
the app is updated from the company due to the android 7.0 compatibility issue. maybe you guys can try again.
Update on this.  I have several Android devices. The only one that the Play store showed as a compatible device is my Galaxy S7 Edge, which as my previous post noted is flaky as hell.  Sometimes it shows my 2 bulbs, sometimes just 1, sometimes none.  Now, it DOES work on my "uncompatible" Galaxy Tab A 8".  I had to download the APK from a website and side-load it.  So far it works perfectly.  If you're having problems and have an non-compatible device, give this a shot.
My best advice is to NOT buy this.
the app is updated, android 7.0 system compatibility issue is solved by the new version app on play store.
No ZigBee, no buy.
Arrived today. Nice enough white light, but that's all. Won't connect to iOS or Android ... tried multiple devices and iOS versions. Must concur with those who call it garbage...too bad.
just try the new version app compatible with the ios 7.0 system. compatibiltiy issue is solved from my check