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Can someone give me a run down of the two 3" speakers in this thing? Did God himself make them?? I mean I assume that's what differentiates this from the $150 JBL I have... I'm just trying to figure out what makes this thing worth 3 times as much when its discounted (or 4 times if not discounted) as a $150 dollar Sony or JBL unit. I mean $600 bucks will buy you a bumping home system if you find the right deals.... Someone sell me on why I pay $450 for this unit
I am wondering the same let us know people!
I can't understand why there seem to be promos about the Luna speakers but none with sample playback let alone any external reviews/comparisons. With so many options currently available, surely we should be able to hear some samples before they expect us to fork out our hard-earned.?
This is a pretty sexy portable speaker, but you would think four hundred bucks would get you at least integrated chromecast audio or something. DLNA is just flaky.
While bluetooth is a turn-off for me, Bose's Soundlink Mini speaker has taught me that I actually do have a use for a small, portable, great-sounding speaker, and while I only ever use the aux jack, the bluetooth (and the name Bose) helps with the resale value. How much better does this sound compared to that?
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Some people like overpaying for average sound and 90s design.

See also: Beats
Ha I know what you're saying, but even Bose gets it right once in awhile. That particular product is truly class-leading. It's considerably better than the UE Boom
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