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very important question guys, does it come with some memes? I mean you can't name something pepe and not expect this comment right?
I grow a variety of super-hots from plants I get from When I make chili powder I cut them in half and dry them in a dehydrator typically used to make jerky. So far I've been using a small spice grinder to make the powder. I'm curious to see how this turns out. It may replace the condiment shaker I keep on the table.
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Currently $28 on Amazon with only 1 unit remaining. Amazon changes their prices on items almost daily so sometimes the price I am trying to beat changes while the drop is live.
The one in this drop is not titanium either (says SS and acrylic in description). I ordered one from amazon from Whomperz' link (paid a total of $18.00 for it, and am already slicing my peppers. I received item identical to the one described on this drop. It is a really cool device, so I would recommend to other ppl, I just wish that Massdrop's price would be more competitive (Camel Camel shows that the same unit was selling on Amazon for $11.86 in August...
Adhoc Pepe Stainless Steel and Acrylic Chili Cutter, 8-Inch Sold by: LLC Return eligible through Oct 29, 2017 $18.00 Condition: New
Still image from this video:


So it's not powder but not as big as pizza-joint chile. You'd need to strain it in a collander to get rid of the dust if you don't want powder.
It looks okay for pizza, too mangled for Arabiata.
It looks much bigger in the video than in person. It grind/cuts pretty fine. Be prepared to sneeze if used without the bottom cap.
This is a great product! It CUTS the dried spices, it does not grind them and releases the essential oils that contain the flavor (and the heat in the chilies) when adding to a recipe or dish .... a trick all good chefs use!!
Thought this might be helpful info. This is designed to work with more than just chilis.
I would have liked a picture that included an example of the output of this cutter/grinder. I love spicy food, but sometimes the chili sauces just aren't what I'm looking for, and I don't have the time or energy to learn how to and then practice "doing it right" (though growing them in a garden we already have for other things or buying them fresh from a store or farmers market and stringing them up to dry them out would be an acceptable amount of effort). I just don't know if this would be what I would want.
McCormick has a course ground 50% black/50% red pepper called Bold &  Spicy that I love but it is expensive and hard to find...most red pepper is fine ground.  So I'm wondering if this has course grinding options because I am not interested in a fine grind for peppers.
Would this work well with marijuana?
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No, get a solid grinder instead. Much too small & no pressure put on the product at all. You'd have a hard time grinding up cannabis successfully.
it is manual, so you better just buy a regular grinder
I feel like this is designed for people who don't know how to use dried chiles properly
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I sun dry stuff and honestly, my time is needed elsewhere. Like gaming and running my mouth. :D But seriously too, I'm always looking for convienince, meaning I don't want to contaminate a grinder with peppers just for a one off use. Everything you said is legit just some people want it easy and I don't blame them. ;)
I use a molcajete (big ol' Mexican morter n pestle) for mine and it works just fine for dried spices, rehydrated stuff, fresh veggies, fruits, etc. I also have a coffee grinder for stuff where i don't care if it turns into powder.
I won't lie. I hate cutting any pepper during the eating of my meal as I have to wash my hands or avoid touching my face or even napkin. This actually solves that problem. Damn it. Another idea stolen.