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AEE Slate Elite+ Gimbal I12

AEE Slate Elite+ Gimbal I12

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What is the sensor size on this and lens aperture, I don't see it listed?
what is the difference between the AEE Elite as detailed on the product page an this Elite+?
Howdy Everyone,

Just to be clear the camera is included and the phone is not. Detailed specs of the camera has been added to the drop description page.


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Thank You!
See actual product details at:
Does this comes with the iPhone Too??
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Duh... NOT!
READ the description of what is 'INCLUDED'....the MD image shows a go-pro 'like' camera & i-phone type device attached to a spiffy looking Gimball? It appears that the MassDrop product description is poorly 'detailed'... does this product even include the camera? (not smart phone) or is it simply a $360.00 Gimball? Just Asking
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