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AJAZZ Geeks AK33S 82 Key Mechanical Keyboard

AJAZZ Geeks AK33S 82 Key Mechanical Keyboard

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Received mine in the mail today, but it has really weird problems.

I can't seem to type some key combinations. For instance:

Left-Alt + Left-Shift + N

I've tested this with a USB key-code grabber. Nothing is coming over the wire. They keyboard just doesn't produce ANY codes when that combination is typed. Also dead: the same combo, but with comma, U, Y, and P.

Right-Alt + Left-Shift + N works fine.

Are there any programmable modes for this keyboard? There were no instructions provided in english.

But if this is just "how it is" then this keyboard is pretty useless to me. As a Mac developer I swap the Alt and Windows key. So this is essentially Cmd-Shift-N (New Folder -- and about a billion other things) on a Mac.

If I can't find a solution, I'm going to return it as defective.
i had bought one of these bad boys (white with blue LED / blue keys, the brightness is unbelievable, plenty of light bleeding through the keys. Looks beautiful. The caps lock is a pink LED colour, honestly if i knew how to solder on different LED colours, the bright blink with pink is drop dead gorgeous colour scheme =) I did initially order via massdrop, then found the same board cheaper from china with much quicker shipping.
Since joining this the price on Amazon for the same keyboard has dropped to $49, with free shipping for Prime members. In other words: it's not only $6 cheaper -- you get it tomorrow.

Can I make a suggestion: Please just buy these through Amazon -- and have them delivered to the 24 of us that bought it. Would save a lot of time and a few bucks too.
> "The current estimated shipping date is 9/13."


I think I'm done with Massdrop, unless for truly unique things: bigger hassle, more risk, longer wait -- and in this case more expensive too.
alright for the sake of other users here:

go buy from china if u can read, or find a service that buys and ships the item for u
RGB version is only 26 usd
the reddish orange led version is only 20 usd ( the photo u see here on massdrop)
does it work for macbook?
does this work with a macbook pro?
i bought the non led version of this for less than 30 usd (roughly 24USD) from china directly.
Can you link?

if u can read.

even the rgb version is only 26 usd LOL
I ordered one of these on MD previously and was very pleased with it (Zorro Blues). The switches were pretty much indistinguishable from a set of Cherry Blues. That said, the board had a little accident and I began having issues with a single key.

The board is totally still usable, but one very important key will register multiple presses on a single press, this isn't because of the manufacturing or quality, I had an accident and the fault is my own... I broke it.

Anyways, I attempted to purchase a replacement (as I really really really love this layout) and ended up getting the same exact model from Amazon. The new one arrived and I took it out of the box, used it for 5 minutes, put it back into the box and sent it back. The switches on the newer model that I received from Amazon were dull, squish, and not clicky at all. It was night and day, I even pulled off a couple of the keys to make sure there wasn't a mistake or something.

So, this board is great, but it's clearly hit or miss on the quality side. If I could go back in time and prevent myself from ruining my MD version I would... but I don't know if I am willing to risk another purchase due to the disparity in quality between the two.

tl;dr: love this layout, great board if you get a good one, getting a good one is a roll of the dice it seems.
I own the non-RGB version of this and I've used it exclusively for a couple of months now. I can see it being my secondary keyboard to travel with. The End key next to the cursor keys has caused me a lot of grief, I'm still getting used to it. There are good and bad things I noticed, so your mileage may vary.

Pros: It's light and small so it fits easily in my tote. The function keys' media controls mostly work with my Mac.

Cons: the materials feel cheap, the plate is plastic, not aluminum. The keys are going to be impossible to replace due to the uncommon 1.25u arrow keys. And being a Mac user, there isn't any support on the manufacturer website.

If they think I would ever buy a keyboard with the manufacturer's name on the spacebar, they're delusional.
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The spacebar is definitely removable, I have Pulse on mine.
I have one and I absolutely love it. I use the arrow keys a lot to navigate and edit code, so the fact that they are bigger than usual is great. Also having the Fn key away from the bottom row is a great idea for me since I don't usually need it. Used at work for almost a year now and no issues at all (drevo keys start failing in a few weeks for example). Keycaps are very thin, and finding a set is a nightmare, yes. But I sold my FC660C and couldn't be happier. It's a matter of personal preference.
The short right shift key is a pain in the... Also good luck finding any keycaps for the 1.25 keys. But beside that it's a great keyboard, good solid built, definitely worth its money.
I use one of these with blue switches as my daily driver and my only complaint is all the 1.25 u keys that are a pain to find proper sets for
Can't you get this a lot cheaper on amazon or ebay?
You can find the AK33 on gearbest for 36 dollars.
I believe they only sell the RGB version on Amazon, yet that's still cheaper than this one lol.
No idea where that $69.99 MSRP came from.
That's what I thought.