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Akai Advance 49 Keyboard

Akai Advance 49 Keyboard

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I just put up a poll for weighted "entry-level" stage keyboards, for anyone interested!

Cool to see a MIDI keyboard here, but it'd be nice to see a cheaper option as well.
Damn, any chance of the 61 key version?
"You people have screwed us out of an ISO version yet again!"

As a professional (music) keyboard player, I'm always thrilled to see instruments on MD, but shouldn't this be in the pro music section? It looks as if you've gotten rid of that area of the site, but a lot of the drops formerly listed in the pro section don't really work as "audiophile" drops.
Does this board use Cherry MX switches? The RGB lights, volume wheels, and LCD screen seem like neat features. How long does it take to adjust to this layout (I still use to QWERTY). Can an option be added for caps with letters on them or are blank caps the only option?
are the keys weighted? and do they make a 61 or 88 key version that could be on the drop? 49 key is..... meh
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Semi-weighted, and they make a 25, 49, and 61 key controller in this particular model. It's an excellent price because Sweetwater Music Sells the 49 key unit for $499.00. Akai has always been know for quality midi controller
Really? Everyone i know (me included) has had issues with getting DAWs (ableton live and reason for me) to properly use the pads on Akai products. They are treated as keyboard key presses, which really limits what you can do with them at least in the ones I have encountered.
Any one have one of these thoughts?
It's 499.00 at Sweetwater Music and it's very easy to understand it's operation. It has all the feature of a good synthisizer and it works well with most DAWS. Akai is known for quality controllers as well.
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