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AKG 240s shiped or not?
Had a pair of k240s for 15 years now and still like them. My really old k240M are my standby though.
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how different is AKG K 240 II ??
Just a color change and the mk2s come with velour pads which are slightly smaller and a coiled cable. Besides the 1/4in adapter.
Fun fact: Eddie Murphy used these in his Party All The Time music video
Are these good for mixing on a macbook pro?
I'm on my third pair of these; bought my first pair when I got my first recording studio gig in 1988 and have relied on them ever since. Come to think of it, they're one of the only consistent pieces of playback kit I've owned (gave up the 813s and NS-10s years ago in favor of ADAM Audio, but have not changed out my cans). In short: they work best when powered by something Class A and with balls. I've used them in the vocal booth, monitoring while recording, referencing mixes, and just for casual listening. Very little fatigue after long sessions, and built like a tank. $55 bucks is totally reasonable.
Howe mutch will it cost to ship this to sweden?
  • $11.50
Okay Thanks
these aren't that great, they do make good semi open headphones if you want them.
Without am amp, yes, not so great. But if you add a real headphone amp, they sound wonderful. Better than anything you can buy under $100. You DO(!) need an amp to make them sing though!
For anyone considering: I have had mine for about a year, and these are my daily drivers at work. They are unparalleled in comfort, allow you to hear what's going on around you without leaking too much sound, and have a fantastic soundstage for the price.

You don't need an amp to drive these, although I have noticed an ever so slight difference with one.
These headphones are absolutely incredible. Had a pair from Austria for a long long time and I keep a pair of the newer ones as backup. Stock pads are great too but they are made more comfortable with brainwavz hm5 pads.
I miss my pair that were made in Austria. The sound quality was much warmer and slightly more flat in the mid-high frequencies probably due to a substantial amount of burn-in or just years of plain use from the previous owner.
The new ones have great value is great and the sound is still substantial, and I might be spouting bullshit about the differences between Austrian and Chinese models. Nonetheless, I recommend these as a gateway headphone into the hi-fi world.
Just how open is semi-open? Would these be ok for listening on a bus, or in an office environment?
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I have it as well, but I was wondering how much better the M220 is, seeing as its MSRP is more than double.
Always ignore the MRSP from online retailers. They're propped up to make it seem like you're getting a bigger deal. If $159 was the ACTUAL MSRP, no retailer would sell it at the current price because they'd lose money.

In terms of ACTUAL price, they appear to be $10 different, and that may be due to scale. The K240 is made in larger scale for many retailers, whereas the M220 is made for a smaller run.

AKG lists the K240 on their website with a $69 retail. As far as I can see, they don't even acknowledge the M220.
How do these compare to the K7XX? I used those for a while and loved them.
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Great! And make sure to get a decent desktop amp or a high powered portable amp if ur going for the K7XX
Way ahead of ya. I tried out the K7XX before, a friend let me borrow them. I listened to them unamped and they were nice, but they truly came alive even using a little Dragonfly Black. I currently have a Sound BlasterX G5 which is pretty good with all the gaming stuff off. Plenty for my needs. Thanks again for your advice!