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AKG Q701 Audiophile Headphones

AKG Q701 Audiophile Headphones

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toysareforboys Mine was bought in 2014 and it broken in November 2015. The left side first had poor connection then stopped producing any sound. I think that might be the reason they only give 1 year warranty.
I am new to this site as well
How do I get this headphone, How to order
Hi all, I'm new to Massdrop. Is there a way to follow-up this drop?
Mine have developed an rattle in the right driver with low bass. I have contacted massdrop but no reply as yet. I had these sent to the UK and AKG Europe will not fix them as they were purchased in the US. Will massdrop sort out the RMA for me?
Lol.. you just have some hair in your right driver.... just blow in it and get on with your life :)
You don't want these headphones. The wiring is the earcups is atrocious and WILL break eventually. Just poor design and terrible build quality. You don't move production to China because it will create a better product. Save your money and buy something else.

I've had these headphones break on me twice already. Same issue, wire inside the earcup breaks.
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Nice! I didn’t know anything about their outsourcing, and not sure why I was surprised. I believe it’s a fairly recent move. I hear the quality of the build is terrible (wires breaking off inside), and the sound is “noticeably“ different. 2012! Good to know! I should probably find out the real cut off period. Mine have a SN#. I wonder if the Chinese do.
What the hell is Massdrop? No idea how it works..
And these AKG Massdrop made cans? Sounds sketchy as hell. ..
Bring these back please!
Bring these back!
Are those headphones good for listening to rap music?
NO! They’re reference headphones meant specifically for mixing music - not listening to it. These in fact are known for being very bass light, even for ref. cans. You want something with a preset EQ curve, like Beats. Though they’re actually considered terrible quality phones, they sound great for low, low frequencies. These couldn’t be WORSE for rap (actually you’ll hear the music as it truly sounds.).
These are gorgeous. And all the reviews I'm reading about these are phenomenal. One question though; are these open or closed headphones? I've been using closed pairs for a long time, and really want to start using open headphones.
How much did these go for?
man, too late
You can use these AKG Headphones with the V moda Mic by getting this adapter:

can someone explain what the procedure is they say 200 votes these cans have more than that
why they not up for sale yet sorry i am new to this. 1,146 users have requested this product.?
thats more than 200 .
It says that they'll contact the vendor after 200 votes, but that does not guarantee that the vendor will comply. They still reserve the right to decline; so it could have 20,000 requests, and the vendor could still decline.
我还是想买K7xx啊 555,
bring this shit back!