AKRacing 2018 Chairs – Massdrop Debutsearch

AKRacing 2018 Chairs – Massdrop Debut

AKRacing 2018 Chairs – Massdrop Debut

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Aw, just missed this drop, I've been too busy trying to find out which chair is best for me. I think I've narrowed it down between the SX and Nitro for someone that's 5'7" 130lbs. AKRacing support said that the Nitro would be the best size, but the SX looks slightly smaller in certain areas, so I'm not sure. Plus the SX is newer which is always nice.
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My friend is looking to buy an AKRacing chair, he's 5'10" and 220 lbs, which one would be best for him out of the newer models? (Non-fabric)
Thanks AKRacing!
Either the Nitro, Octane, Overture or premium however as he is verging on 6ft the brand new Pro or Max may work well.
On the SX chairs- is there any way to lock the armrests in place? The top arm rest itself, not the vertical bar that moves up and down. Every time I try to move the chair, they click off of center, then I move it back when I sit in it. I'm worried that I'm wearing out some parts inside of it.
There is no way to lock the arm rest pad in place. The bearings inside are extremely durable and will not wear out due to this movement. For peace of mind you of course have the 5 year warranty.
I do have a question, but people have said it before me.

Oh well...

BUT CAN IT DO THIS??? lool cheaper than pewdiepie chair
but can it do this
but can it do dis ?
36 inch waist average height 230 pounds....am I a good fit for these chairs?
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As we have explained elsewhere, the goods are in the US. Chairs are in very large and heavy boxes that are expensive to ship. To ship to Singapore would probably cost double the price of the chair. You can get our products locally at very good prices.
ah I see. Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it. I will try to get this locally :)
Nice, have been holding off on buying a gaming chair for a while, but this was too nice to pass up. Can't wait!
Any EX-WIDE or other WIDE models coming? :D
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Some retailers carry our products where you can try them, like Fry's Electronics along with some local shops and we expect more soon. You can also buy from websites like Amazon, NewEgg, Best Buy, Walmart, etc and get full return privileges if you don't like it. If you are hesitant because you want to try it first you can do that.

Sure, you will pay more than you would at Massdrop but, as I have mentioned many times before in these drops, there's a reason why the prices are lower here. Their policies, such as limited availability, selling only to community members and, above all, not allowing returns is what makes their prices so low. The cost of handling and crediting returns is quite high. We have thousands of satisfied customers here at Massdrop so a lot of people have taken the plunge from the same position you're in now and been quite happy with the result.
I look forward to the return of the EX-Wide models on massdrop. Can’t wait, thanks for the info.
Now all I need is a model without your *@&$ing logo all over it.
Those exist too. Our Office Series (on the right hand side here on our homepage ( http://www.akracing.com ) is much more understated in that regard. I believe logos and branding are pretty common in racing and gaming, so you'll forgive us for not being unique in that way.
Any options for a mesh seat and PU back? Or do I just settle for a EX?

Live in SoCal so heat's an issue
This is only part of the new line up. Patience grasshopper :)
Never owned a higher end chair so I hope it's worth the wait!