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AKRacingAmerica I've just received the chair from Amazon and foud a piece broke (heard a sond and took of the plastic). How should I proceed? I'm in Argentina. Thanks.
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Amazon.it they send by Amazon Global. US don't.
Just wanted to addthat AK Europe racing team contacted me, they were kind, but unfortunatelly they informed me they weren't able to send me a plastic replacement. So, not the best support I've experienced.
I am planning to buy this akrcing arctica. I have read the issues and im confused now on buying this.. Comfort is baad is it real?
I've just received one from Amazon it is a nice chair, but it is true it is a bit tight, wider would have been better.
Any idea when this will drop again? I prefer this much more than the V2 series, but don't want to wait months.
Waiting for it too here. Please drop it again! Thanks
Do these ship when the drop ends or is there some sort of lead time?
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Hello! I really love this chair. When will it be dropped again? Please drop it again! Thank you very much!
Just reading the customer support makes me wanna drop
I wanted to buy this chair but I wanted a bit of blue instead of the red/orange color :(
The Arctica only comes in this color arrangement. If you want a color variant you may want to wait for our Premium Series to come around again.
Was really late to put together, finally did last night. This drop was totally worth it and has finally completed my setup and matches perfectly with the theme. Was a definite upgrade from my previous cheap IKEA chair which i could only sit on for 45 minutes before my back started to hurt. I could literally fall asleep on this chair, its so comfortable.
Assembly was very similar, if not, exactly the same as every office chair out there. The only thing that threw me off was that most of the bolts came pre-installed on the top half of the chair and the underside. For a while i thought this chair was delivered with missing bolts, only had 3 in the plastic bag. This was until i actually paid attention and realized they were already pre-installed. Instructions are a little lacking but are more than adequate if you sit and thoroughly read through each step. One word of caution, the plastic covers in the instruction manual that came with this chair did not match the actual model. Images show single piece plastic covers for the sides, while this chair actually has a 2 piece plastic cover design, hence what the 3 bolts that came in the plastic bag were for. Oh, and as it has been stated by people already the bottom cushion does not really work well on this chair since it doesn't have the vents by the neck section, it can still be installed it just seems awkward. Decided to only keep the little top pillow in order to help extend the life of the chair, as natural oils from our head and skin eventually start to break down these fake leather materials over time. Had an old office chair made of the same material and the arm rests were covered in the same fake leather and that was the part that started to crack first, the rest of the chair was fine. Figured it had to do with the natural oils as i barely use the arm rests and they also received a fraction of the overall stress compared to the rest of the chair yet was still the first section to give out. Without having to say, i was very happy to see that this chair does not have that fake leather material on the arm rests. I cant stop praising how much i like this chair. I am now a new AKR customer.
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Aww thanks man, it totally looks better than it actually is but thank you For your kind words.
No, I believe the user was just saying that the armrests are made from foam with polyurethane, not the same faux leather that covers the seating and back area of the chair.
Been using this chair for about a week now and I can't help but feel that I must express my sheer disappointment in this chair. I have a desk job and work a 10 hour shift each day and was really hoping that this chair would give me the comfort I need for my job. The seat has a decent amount of cushion; however, the sides of the seat is very hard and feels like a very tight squeeze on my butt. The sides causes a lot of pain after sitting for a long period of time. If you often sit with your legs spread apart, you will feel a lot of discomfort. If you genrally sit with your legs closed, then maybe it wont be so bad.

The back support and height of this chair is great; however, it just doesn't make up for the uncomfortable seat. I really wish I did more research before purchasing this chair.

I'll have to give this chair a 4 out of 10 rating. Save yourself the money and find something better.
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Hi, yes, you contacted support four weeks after I invited you to and six week after you said you wanted to evaluate it more.

How long should we wait? I was eager and ready to help you back then. I understand that life is busy for everyone but I strongly believe that it is not realistic for you to expect that invitation to be open-ended for us to do you an extra service on a chair you bought knowing all sales are final. I'll leave it to the other members of the community to decide who is the reasonable person here.
I was rejected support because I "waited" to long... Well, life does happen... My girlfriend just gave birth to our daughter and I had time off work hence me not using the chair for 3 weeks. Coming back to work reminded me how uncomfortable this chair is which is why I decided to reach out to support who was quick to deny me of any help. I shouldn't have to sit here and explain my reasons to why it took me so long to reach out to support.

At this point I have already accepted that you guys will not put in any effort in helping me with this situation. Like I said before, I will never buy any of your products and will continue informing others to stay away from your products.
Chair assembly went fine, and the chair itself is very comfortable. The only problem I have is with the plastic cover over the tilt lever - it's very loose and there doesn't seem to be a way to tighten it. I tried jiggling it around, to see if it needed to lock or click into place, but it doesn't seem to have anything to click into. Anyone else having a similar issue?
Hi, please contact us at service@akracing.co and we can assist you with your issue.