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AKRacing Core Series EX/EX Wide Gaming Chairs

AKRacing Core Series EX/EX Wide Gaming Chairs

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Hello Does this chair can be shipped to Poland? If so how much extra do I have to pay for it?
Unfortunately, its just not possible to offer international shipping through Massdrop. It would cost anywhere form $200 to $400 to ship these outside of the US. However, we do offer this exact product to you in Poland on our EU website. You can check it out here. https://akracingeurope.eu Also, Delivery information is here. https://akracingeurope.eu/delivery-information-and-tracking/ All Chairs https://akracingeurope.eu/Shop-all/ Cheers.
Is there a valid warranty for these guys?
Yes! It is listed at the bottom of the drop description page.
  • AKRacing’s 5-year warranty on the chair/10-year warranty on the frame

Does this chair have an identical build to the SX except for the fabric instead of pleather?
What is the overall height of the chair?
Does this ship to Canada? If so how much extra do I have to pay?
No, sorry, not yet. Shipping rates, import duties and local taxes make shipping to Canada from the US prohibitively expensive. It would more than double the price of the chair.
We are working on a solution that hopefully will be in place by the next time these products drop.
Please do, looking forward to getting one of these chairs
Loving my chair, and have actually napped in it a couple of times. Very very easy to spend a long time in it. The rocking is stiff unless I have the seat back reclined a ways to put my weight on it, but that's how I like it, really.
Seems like it might be missing a couple of screws to lock the armrests in place, though? They seem to move around a lot, and there's a particular orientation I'd like them to stay in. There seem to be screw holes on the bottom, but nothing to screw in there?
So the rocking on these chairs is stiff even @ the loosest position. Anyone know how to lock the arms? Majorly annoying to pull / push the chair or even lift myself up with the arms and they rotate to a new position.
question, does it rock/not fixed recline? i just received my chair, it had been opened but all the parts were included. Side trim piece broke putting it together.
Very very disappointed, the recline is fixed or it inst working right. I have a medical need to occasionally stretch out, and this is not what i wanted. the lumbar pillow is too big. already regretting getting a chair without being able to try it out first.
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I am not trying to lock it in anything i want to stretch out occasionally when my side is hurting. This is the worst chair I could have got, and now I am stuck with something I paid too much for. Sad part is my son bought a different brand and it rocks just fine, and he paid less. I am so unhappy.
Oh, I did get the leather version, and it is supposed to rock, and has fixed positions for reclining.
Im not a gamer but I work for long hours ( 13 to 15 hours) on an average day. I am undecided if gamer chairs is the way to go ? Any pointers from non-gamers if these chairs are meant for people who have to sit for long period of time ?
Thanks in advance. Please be nice on me.
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Could not have said it better myself @Tezuka. Here at the Massdrop office many of us have AKRacing chairs that we use daily for 10-12 hours. They are the best chairs I have sat in and I have tried so many.
Thank you for taking time with a detailed reply !!
Anything for a 6'7" 375lb gamer?
No expert on chairs, but probably not... you're a distinct outlier in all dimensions, and if you do find something that you fit in it'll probably be uncomfortable for long periods of time.
@Scotsman619 I got you man!
The AKRacing Max series chair should be right up your alley. It supports up to 400lbs. The seat bottom on it is flat so you will have plenty of leg room. I would check out the specific dimensions of the height and width for the seat and backrest just to make sure you good. I am also tall at almost 6'5" and almost every gaming chair I have tried I remove the lumbar support and neck pillows as they just dont work for me and allow or more room in the chair.
It is available in 5 colors including an all black option.

This will be dropping again this month. If you are interested just hit the request button on the drop page and you will get an email when it goes live.
Hi I placed an order yesterday but now am worried that maybe I should have gotten the Opal instead of the Ex-Wide? I am 210 pounds and 5' 7" with broadish hips. Not sure if the side bolsters will be uncomfortable and affect my seating? I usually sit with my legs forward, do not cross them or bring them up to the chair. All help is appreciated!
The Opal is tempting me, mainly because of the large flat base because I like to put my legs up a lot. But its wide and I am pretty skinny, im wondering if those arm rests are too far apart for someone like me? Im 56kg and 175cm tall.
I bought the opal black for the same reasons. Looking forward to receiving it.
I wish I could just pay for the shipping to Hawaii....
Still waiting for the Arctica to drop again. Missed last time due to finals :(
Is there an easy way to partially disassemble this in order to ship it/move it?
Quick question, what is the different between EX, EX Wide and Opal. I'm asking because I'm undecided to either get AKRacing or RapidX Ferrino. I'm not a PC gamer but a console player and I need something that is comfortable and laid back. I know PC gamers needs to be more stiff up while being against the desk, keyboard and mouse. Console gamers in general are more laid back, I know I am. So I want to know which chairs are better and one that I could put one of my legs on the chair and still be comfortable in it.
Also I'm 5'9 and 230 pounds, which one would be better for me? Any help would be great and thanks so much.
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Sounds great and last question. I think I would enjoy the Opal since I love to fold my leg up at times. Question is, how soft is the Opal series. It hurts awhile when using a cheap 120 dollar fake leather chair from staples and it hurts after 1-2 hours of sitting time. Is the bottom part comfortable after many hours? Trying to look up reviews for this chair but can't find anything out there.
It's a nice soft and breathable fabric. It's a new chair so there won't be much in review but the basic fabric is the same in last year's K7 series
The Ex Wide and Opal look pretty similar. Does the extra .4 inches in cushion size on the opal make much of a difference? Are there any other differences that aren't in the measurements?
They are the same chair, except for one difference, the Opal has a flat seat and does not have the side bolsters that are in our gaming chairs. So, if you need or want a bit of extra room in the seat then the Opal is the way to go. If you want the support of the side bolsters, the EX Wide would be the logical choice.
how soft is the cloth on the chair anyone know?
Yes, the fabric is a soft and breathable polyester.
Is there any version that would fit 190 cm, 180 kg male ?
Thank you
Bro one person please lmao
Quiero una de esas 👌👌😲
If you have any questions or queries reach out to Service@AKRacing.com.
But can it do this!!!