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AKRacing Premium Masters Series Chairs

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Does anyone have issues with their chairs staying in a locked position? I like to lock the rocking motion so that it's angled a little back and it normally stays this way for about an hour or so. Then if I move forward or around just a little my chair makes a horrible sound and unlocks. :( Just wanted to see if this was normal or not. If not, how do I request a fix for this?
I have never ordered from this site, how lomg does shipping take?
B.Hutch I assume the description is slightly out of date? I assume this run has the 4D arm adjustments and tilt angle lock.
Yes it does. We will get that updated. Thanks for flagging.
Any chance that those living in the US 49th and 50th (AK and HI) states will ever be able to purchase this drop?
Is there a cloth version? Everything PU Leather I have ever owned started cracking and falling apart at just 2 years.
These for sure will not do that. They are backed with a 5/10 year warranty. AKRacing products are made with the highest quality PU leather. They are not like anything you will find in the office supply stores.
How can I check my package?
What is tracking number?
How can I use tracking number?
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I think that was the expected shipping date not delivery date so I was surprised to see it ship today. This was my first drop and I've heard some horror stories about some people not getting their items for months so this was a pleasant surprise.
On the drop description page is the expected ship date from AKRacing. You can expect it to arrive 5-10 business days after the expected ship date of the drop. So the fact that you got it on May 10th means it shipped out early!
Hi I see a lot of the comments say this chair is great for those taller and bigger than I am so I’m wondering if it might be too big for me? I’m 5’8, 112 pounds. I never thought about this stuff until I bought a highly-reccomended mouse that’s a little too large for my baby hands ☹️
I think you would be a good fit for this chair. You will have a little extra room in the seat but height wise your good to go.
How is this product shipped? Is it assembled already? Also what is the dimension of the box when it is shipped?
The chair is shipped using FedEx Ground, It requires some minor assembly, see guide here: https://www.akracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/AKRacing_AssemblyGuide_rev2.pdf .
Dimensions are no bigger than 35x29x17 Inches.

Is there any difference between the Artica chair and the Tri-color chair? I've looked on the AKracing site and can't seem to figure it out, aside from the differences in shoulder and seat width. Thanks!
No. They are both based on the same general design. Buy the one you like best. The Arctica costs a bit more to make whic is why there is a slight price difference.
Perfect! Thanks for the info.
A word of warning- this chair tips easily. Both my wife and I tipped it over within a week by sitting too close to the front edge. She ended up having the back of the chair hit her fairly hard on the head.

I'm giving it away... (with the appropriate warning :-)

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Gotcha! Can't say I've experienced that particular issue either but I can imagine it's surprising to fall forward on a chair. Got to see the 2018 lineup of AK Racing chairs at PAX and I'm super impressed! Michael was awesome!
Yep, Michael is great and the new chairs are pretty awesome. They have some good improvements over the 2017 models and many of these upgrades are from ideas talked about right here in the Massdrop discussions.