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Just got the email saying my chair was shipped, then turned out my chair arrived two days prior to the email lol.
I purchased the "Silver" version of this chair from another account I do not have access to anymore so this will serve as my review.

I received this chair today, 3 days early, which was a great surprise and a kudos to Massdrop for their shipping efficiency. It took less than 20 minutes to assemble the chair.

The instruction suggest two people which I could see where that could have been helpful but I was way too excited to wait! I had no issue doing it alone, and the assembly was simple with pictures to follow. The holes are pre pre drilled, some of which have the necessary screws inside already in order to assure the line-up and ease of construction. The gas lift on my model (the "Silver" model) did not have any sort of cap on the lift. just a black tip so nothing needed to be removed but I did hesitate at first and try to remove what was there but was not necessary. That is my only knock on the build because that did make me hesitate on the build because I did not want to attach the chair if there was a protective tip, but can be me just overthinking. Overall, very simple.

The chair offers an adjustable lumbar support which is perfect because I need the support higher than the average person due to the shape of my back. I am 6' about 195, not over or under weight with an average build and feel as if this char was custom made for me. With that being said though, someone who is maybe taller or shorter than me would fit just fine in this chair as well. Plus there is so much support someone who may weigh more than me wouldn't have any issues either because this is by far the most comfortable chair I have ever sat on.

I have done intense research over the past 3-4 months, comparing prices, reviews, and basically making sure I am getting my moneys worth out of the chair. I could believe I stumbled onto this price for the chair, $249 for a chair that is currently retailing for $499 in unreal. I felt as if I was cheating some sort of system getting it for this price.

In my opinion, this chair is the best on the market even without mentioning of the great price, just sheer quality of the chair, solidarity of construction and customer service alone make this a top contender. Although I have not needed to contact any sort of support I have seen how interactive AKRacing is on several different forums and am blown away because as a consumer I have rarely seen that level of care and genuine interest in their customers experience with their product. The price feels as if I should be receiving a knockoff so the fact that I am getting the real deal is incredible in my eyes.

All in all, I absolutely recommend this product I did a lot of research and very pleased with my result.
Darn, mine hasn't even said it shipped yet. I can't wait to try out my chair as well.
I have trouble to attach the head pillow. How can I attach it? A lot of videos had 2 holes instead of 1 hole

Is the black sold out? I only see the Carbon Black option.
Yes, the standard black model is sold out. I am sure it will be available next time around.
Hi, I have joined the drop.
Could you please switch my color, Arctica, to "Tri-color" if any drop for Tri-color cancels out?
Would much appreciate that and live as an AKRacing slave for the rest of my life.
Looking at the image above with the five chairs, it looks like the Tri-Color and Arctica don't have the pillow go through the headrest like the other three variations. My question is, do they have the same hole in the headrest for the pillow or are they different from the other three chairs?
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It looks like it just sits there?
Ugh good eye... I hope it doesn't matter as I got the Arctic as well.
What is the main difference between this and the LX? And which has more foam from a comfort perspective?

The Premium series chair has an additional 1.1lbs of High density cold mouled foam. It has the upgraded seating mechanism that allows you to "rock and lock" your chair in any desired position. It has upgraded 4D arms, meaning you can adjust them in 4 different ways. Overall the Premium series is AKRacing's flagship chair.

Adjustable Armrests: 4D Mechanism Type: Advanced mechanism Tilt Angle Lock: Yes Net weight: 53.55lbs
Foam total weight: 6.4lbs

SX/LX models
Adjustable Armrests: 3D Mechanism Type: Standard Mechanism Tilt Angle Lock: No Net Weight: 49.55lbs
Foam total weight: 5.3lbs

Thank you so much, I had already gone in on the drop because I checked the actual akracing site and saw that the Premium had 30 percent more foam than the EX compared to the LX only having 10 percent more. Combined with the fact that the Premium and LX dropped at the same price and the Arctica didn't cost extra, it was too good to pass up. Can't wait to use it once I go back to college.
I got in on the drop, the premium carbon black looks so clean, I just wish I knew how the white one looked because I would’ve ordered that one instead haha. Either way I can’t wait I’m excited for this chair!
AKRacingAmerica If we ordered a chair but would like to switch the color. Is that possible given that the drop is over?
Please email me and i'll see what i can do about your order. If the order has not left our warehouse and is the exact same price as something different you want i maybe able to help out just this once. MCalderone@AKRacing.com
I am interested in getting the Tri-Color but how well does dirt and smudge leaves on the chair after extended use? If it stains easily i would just get the carbon black. Thanks
Howdy. After testing many AKRacing chairs and some of then white I can tell you the PU quality is superb. They do not stain or smudge easily and they are a brease to clean.
I am confused looking at some of your specs regarding min seat height from the floor.
Can you please clarify the a] min seat height from the floor to the top of the seat and the b] min height from the floor to the top of the arm rests?
remember the height is adjustable. When the seat is at its lowest point, height measures 17" and when the seat is at its highest point the height measures 20.3"

hope it helps
I think i have to add seat thickness to it as well, dont i ? So 17 "+ 4.3" = 21.3" from the floor to top of seat ? Is this right. Or is 17" including the seat thickness.