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after having this chair for many months, I've got a couple of minor gripes with it.
1) the seating foam is pretty hard. I started working from home and using the chair for 8 hours a day, and my butt is sore at the end of the day. Kinda annoying. I'd hate to haveto resort to putting a pillow down or something, but I might haveto.
2) the adjustment knob for the tilt doesn't seem to do anything. I want to be able to tilt back easily under my own weight, but I haveto kinda throw my weight into the back of the seat to get it to tilt, and then it just returns back to normal with high tension. No amount of fiddling with the tilt tension knob has any effect.
3) The armrests are hard. if you rest your arms on them for long periods of time, they are uncomfortable, and if you're wearing a textured shirt like a sweater, it's painful.

I'm 5'10" 173lbs, for reference, in case that is a huge factor for the first two issues.

I'm sure the tough materials were a design choice for longevity, which I can appreciate. It definitely makes sense to have a product that can stand the test of time.

Not sure I'd buy it again, but it does look nice at least.
My tacking has completely stopped and missed the delivery date. Was my package lost?
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KNarwhal If you haven't already reach out to and we can have a look into this for you.
This is my same issue. I will contact service as well for an update.
I got my chair yesterday and put it together just fine. The only issue is the plastic cover over the back recliner handle came cracked and has a jagged hole in it. Is it possible to get a replacement cover?
If you haven't already reach out to and we will have a replacement sent to you.
I was emailing with a rep from the company yesterday. He asked me to send the invoice from Massdrop (which I did), but haven't heard back from him since.
Got my chair today and just got it put together. I could not be happier!
I received my chair today and have assembled it. It's almost perfect! A bit of a fumble though: I'm missing the fastener(?) that's supposed to be latched on by the lumbar pillow. Do I contact Massdrop or AKRacing directly to make this chair whole?
I am sorry to hear of this, if you haven't already then reach out to and we will have one sent to you.
I did this last night. Hopefully I get a reply soon.
Just got my chair today, setup took 30 minutes at most all alone. Very comfortable so far and no imperfections whatsoever.
Wow, fast shipping. Received my chair today. Package was in perfect shape. Easy to assemble. Took all of 20 minutes or so. The instructions say two people recommended, but I think that's in there just because the box is so heavy. Had a couple of hours to enjoy. Very comfy. Adjustments are wonderful. Glad I held back from the ProX drop a couple of weeks ago for this. The fit is perfect for me (5'10", 190 lbs). Very very happy with this drop!
I can't track my order. Is there something wrong with this site?
If you reach out to with your MD order number we will be able to assist you.
I already bought this chair, but now I have looked at the discussion and am second guessing.
I am 220 pounds and 5'10". I wonder if this will fit me well?
I believe this chair will work well for your size.
Awesome! Looking forward to it!
Favorite thing about this chair?? First time buy so I'm excited. Haven't had a real gaming chair before.
Is there a chance that this ships to Spain ?
No, sorry. It would cost the price of the chair... if not more just to ship it their. You can for sure source it locally for cheaper.
I see , thanks for the reply.