AKRacing ProX Gaming Chairs - 2017 - Last Chancesearch

AKRacing ProX Gaming Chairs - 2017 - Last Chance

AKRacing ProX Gaming Chairs - 2017 - Last Chance

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I'm extremely disappointed! There is no possibility to adjust the slope. Your ass is below your legs. The back began to hurt after 3 months. Paralon with time, and it gets worse! It is impossible to fix the armrests and it's terribly inconvenient. You can not fix the rotation, which is also not convenient if you do not have a lot of growth. I am not satisfied.
Have you submitted a support ticket on our website. We will gladly help you out.
I finally found the time to open the box and assemble the chair. Unfortunately mine also suffers from the broken reclining cover but even more disappointing is the black base instead of the aluminum one as advertised. I submitted a ticket for the cover but what are my options for the incorrect base? I expected the chair as advertised not a bait and switch.

Sorry to hear of this, I have seen your ticket and am looking into this for you.
Update - I received the replacement cover AND the correct base about a month later which was a very unexpected surprise. Very happy with the purchase!
I received my chair last night. There was no significant damage, however the leather is "bent-up" or "scrunched" on the side where your right shoulder rests. Paying this much money for a chair, it was disheartening to see that right out the box, but compared to some of the damage I have seen reported here, I suppose I lucked out.

The chair would have been easy to set up, if not for aligning the backrest with the seat being so difficult. I strongly recommend that you have someone help you do this part at least, as it was very difficult for me to do alone. Luckily I have long arms and was very determined to build the chair; it took me 2 hours :/ just because of that issue. It literally may seem impossible to line up both sides it takes a lot of effort. I found 3 good videos online that demonstrate assembly; 2 of the 3 skipped the part where you line up the backrest (the other fast forwarded all their adjustments) so I know I wasn't the only one frustrated here.

All in all, I am content. I have never owned a chair of this quality and I notice the difference from my office chair I bought at Sam's Club years ago. I am 6'2" ~160lbs and I feel very comfortable. The support pillows don't feel like they are in the way like I worried. I can sit criss-cross in the chair, even with my long legs. If the chair came with no noticeable deformities, this would have been a 5 star buy for me.

I am sorry the chair has some creases, they should smooth out in a week or so. If you can monitor the situation and reach out to Service@AKRacing.com if there is no change.
Mine luckily came without any damage. This chair is so nice, so much more spacious and comfortable than my last chair. As a large guy, right around 300 lbs, I can say that this is really accommodating for my size and even at 6'1" my feet barely sit flat on the floor when sitting normally. Hope everyone else gets theirs in good a condition as mine and sorry to anyone who isn't as lucky.
Mine came a little damaged...

Is it possible to get another cover?
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Sorry to hear of this, I have responded to your ticket and am sending you replacements.
No biggie thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m looking forward to getting those pieces.
Nearly had a heart attack when i got the tracking number and in the summary of the fedex order it said 1 piece when i ordered 2. a couple of hours later i received shipping for the second chair. so fyi if you bought more than one they're not shipped as one order.
How long does it take to ship out the order? Just curious.
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my two orders apparently got shipped out on the 28th of february and will get here on the 6th so not bad at all. and that's from CA to VA.
My tracking code was sent to me yesterday and thats the day the chair arrived it was great :D
Yay. Now that I bought one, it's time to wait impatiently... anyone else?
How is the ventilation while using this chair?

Is it comfortable for long sessions or does it get hot?
The chair is very comfortable especially for long periods. I have not experienced the chair getting hot/sticky and I am sat in one for the majority of the day.
I’m torn between the PROX and the Nitro chairs. I’m 5’9” 200LBS. I like the look of the PROX better but people who are 5’11” are saying that the PROX is too big for them. Which should I get?
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I sat on some big and tall chairs at Staples with relatively the same measurements and they were fine so I went with the PROX. Worst comes to worst I can re sell it.
CHebenstreich, if it is too big, get something like a coccyx cushion. My mate had an issue with his maxnomic chair being too big for him, and that solved the issue straight out.