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Alexapure Pitcher Water Filtration System

Alexapure Pitcher Water Filtration System

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Lot's of pitchers and filters on the market. Go with what the pro's use, Personal use, same filters over 2 years.
Let's see a drop on this !
Only site that has the filters for the pitcher looks to be MyPatriotSupply, and their list is $40 per pair. "Introductory" price is 30. Still way high.

Honestly, linking Alexapure to fake news...that's a reach. Do I agree InfoWars engages in fake news? Probably. Looks that way. But the link is from them to Alexapure...which may or may not be something Alexapure cares to support. Alexapure has a larger connection to installed water filtration systems, and you can follow that chain to why InfoWars is offering their pitchers.

That on Alexapure in Google, and the FIRST thing that pops up is this link:

THIS isn't a review, it's Alexapure propaganda. And that does offend me greatly. AND there's some serious fake news elements to the InfoWars argument has some support.

Just going on price and availability of the filters, this drop doesn't make sense. LOTS of other filters out there; I use Zerowater, to offer another alternative. Never seen the Mavea myself.
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Fake review website plus an obligatory purchase (filters) at those two sites... Go to the Alexapure website and click the where to purchase tab. These two companies ARE their main distributors.
Yikes. I was in the market for a water filter pitcher, dodged a bullet on this one. Thanks for the heads up everyone.
I was going to ask if anyone had come accross the filters anywhere. I saw one site that lists them. One set is $35 (plus shipping).
Obviously more cost than this entire offering. I would be concerned about not being able to find filters in the future, not to mention $35 every few months for replacements filters.

Other than that the product does sound good. I would go for it if it were not for the filter issue.
FYI Alexapure is related to "infowars" which is one of Trump's outlets for fake news and propaganda. Just out of ethical and social principles, Im out!
Just get a Mavea Maxtra pitcher, easy to come by filters and great filtration.
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We need more people like you around. I actually have heard good things about the filters that Infowars sells. Even if Infowars is wrong, you have a right to be wrong in any direction you want as far as free speech is concerned.
I'm not going to bother with a water filter though because I swallow my toothpaste to ensure maximum fluoride tolerance.
I have a Mavea and was looking for filters and called Mavea's toll free number and was told they were going out of business and laying off their workers a week before Xmas.
Seems like extra filters aren't easy to come by..
which makes this drop pretty much useless. Yeah, you'll enjoy filtered water for 3 months and then you'll end up with a regular pitcher for $30
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