Alienware 15.6" 120Hz G-Sync GTX 1070 Gaming Laptopsearch

Alienware 15.6" 120Hz G-Sync GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop

Alienware 15.6" 120Hz G-Sync GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop

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Alienware 15.6" 120Hz G-Sync GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop is a good laptop for gaming purpose. it has good HD quality with good graphics and feature. I am also using DEll Alienware gaming laptop since last year and recently i was watching movie and suddenly my laptop restarted again and again after taking some interval then i went through and they helped me a lot to fix those issues.
Did they just gave us 2 more days AND shorten the estimated shiping date?
Thanks MD! You just saved my as*
Does anybody know if this display is IPS or TN?
This is should be TN according to the Dells website
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question
i just bought this exact spec two months ago. Kill me . AMAZING laptop though
If you are asking me, wait until 8th gen i7's because hex core. I do believe though that this is a great deal. I have a 6700HQ and I am rocking the 1tb model with the 128gb ssd but SATA. 1070 as well. I upgraded it with a 1TB EVO for Games, and a 256 960 NVME EVO for Windows. Do yourself a favor and UNDERVOLT YOUR CPU IF YOU OWN THIS LAPTOP.
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Dell haven‘t Revealed it’s Alienware with the 8th gen proccessor... it’s gonna take a while and even then your price margin (against this drop) isnt worth it in my opinion.
dell owns alienware not asus, and its really not that far off, some were even displayed at CES 2018 (but they couldn't disclose the cpu yet)

the price margin is also completely unknown so you literally have no basis for that claim
This is a pretty great buy for those who are into e-sport fps shooters (Overwatch, CSGO, etc). Trust me, once you go 120hz+ you never go back.
Does it come in a different color besides pink?
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I have this laptop but I got it on release a while back. Generally pretty satisfied.


It will be very hard for you to find a bag that fit this. I have tried for a long time, but have to settle for the default Alienware bag, which is on Amazon or Dell. See my reddit thread for the bag hunting if you want more information.

The problem for the hardship is because of this unusually wide chassis for a 15 inch. Almost all of the bags that are rated for 15inch would not fit.
i bought the official alienware bag its so well made
Ask yourself, if this thing only lasts 2 years will that be ok? Cause my exp with Alienware, and friends' exp with other gaming laptops has proven that you can only expect 2 years out of them till you have to attempt to service the GPU.
My Alienware is going on strong rn. Not 2 years old, but I have had it mining too.
Depending on use case, I'd expect it to last quite a bit longer than two years. If you're having to 'service' the GPU, either the system in question is defective, poorly assembled, or abused.
My wife and I both have these with some different specs. Great machines that have run everything I've thrown at them on max graphics at 1080p.
For anyone buying an alienware laptop. Always get the extended warrenty and renew it after a year. I didnt and now i have a $1000 paperweight. Alienware is notorious for making laptops that last 1 or two years max. Although the ventilation does look superior to older versions.
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not yet, i am still contemplating if its worth to replace the battery or not. those third party sellers are usually charging a hefty price for them.
Alienware are much different now. Sounds like a typical experience if you are asking me for older models.