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Alite Mantis Chair

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Looks to bulky to carry around on the trail...
Wish it could fold up flat.
My only problem with this chair is that it is not the Helios Zero
I don’t recommend this chair. After good results with the Monarch chair I picked up a Mantis as it has a more comfortable back rest. They have a design or manufacturing tolerance flaw - the legs get jammed and won’t come apart for packing back down (they don’t break, just jam solidly together). First one jammed after five minutes of sitting in it, second jammed after two minutes of testing it on a flat floor in the living room. It’s a shame because they are super comfortable. I am 185 lbs and was super gentle on the second one when testing. We love our Monarchs (we have four) and wish these were as reliable.

This was late summer of 2017 - maybe they had a bad batch?
Almost got me with the interchanging of the mayfly and mantis photos.
Yep, I flagged this to our team earlier, but given that it's a weekend, it will probably be fixed on Monday. Thanks!
Research! Same chair goes for 27$ on amzon.
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This chair doesn't weight less than 1lb, description states 816g which is 1.8lb. Here is another chair that weights under 2lb according to description.

THIS DROP is not a great price for this chair, you can find better deals online pretty easy. Buyer beware!
Yes, I miscalculated the weight. The reviews on this chair are also not very favourable.
Same MSRP as Chair Zero, but twice the weight. Why?
I was on the last drop for this chair, and I have to say that I really like them so far. I purchased 2 and they have served me well.
Waiting for the Alite Mayfly to drop again.

Hopefully with free domestic shipping & cheaper international shipping :)

The Mantis seat height is 8" , while the Mayfly is 2" which makes it perfect for festivals!
If you haven't already, go check out the Outdoor community! We have a Mayfly drop available right now, but quantities are limited so get it while you can.
I'm sure this one is better but... I'm also sure I'd break either and both.
Sam's Club $25, you could break one and use your second one and still spend less.
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Issue is it's Weighs 2.4 lbs, backpacking fail but backyard you can buy something under 10.00 camp chair
What about a 3 pound air chair sofa. Yea I know, it's more of a glamper. And volume is more of the restriction, not weight. This is a sofa for laying down sitting one or two people and weighs only 15 ounces more than this chair. Eh your right of course but, those tri pod ones are 1.5 pounds and 22 bucks. Sunyear has a plastic clone at 2.0-2.9 pounds. So IS the weight really that far off, for two people and a lay down option? Or emergency Hennessey hammock replacement, also it's a life preserver, so what's your drowning friend's life worth? "One pound well worth it," he says to the press in his rescue I interview. ^_^ I'm just saying it's obviously not a fair comparison, the air sac thing wins. ;)

Well actually for 2lbs an Eno Singlenest is a good option for non desert. I'm just sorta noodling outside the box of $60 low-foldable chair solution.

Chair wins.
When is the Mayfly going to be on here?!!???
Waiting for Alite to receive another shipment. Stay tuned!
It looks like the connection piece that the legs snap into is aluminum, is this correct? I think all of the Helinox chairs have plastic connectors in this area....