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I read a comment below that this is better for lounging than sitting in and doing work. Any one else feel the same way about this chair? Would I be better off getting a four leg chair that I can sit in while cooking?
I am tempted.... Were it not for the new Helinox Zero chair, I wouldn't hesitate. But now I'm in a conundrum over whether to get this Alite Monarch, or wait for the Helinox Zero chair - albeit it's bound to be quite a bit more expensive but I suspect I will prefer the 4 legs and higher seat height. Anyone have both chairs with some thoughts?
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I'm with you-- and would jump in immediately on a Massdrop for the Heli Zero! If MD could drop the price by $25, I would buy four...
Yep, I agree. I don't know if you have an REI near you. I picked my chair zero up on an heli sale, they were all on sale. I have to look up what it cost me, but it was not a bad deal. Would be great if massdrop does sell it at a good deal.
Definitely not meant for someone with bad knees!
This chair is actually pretty darn tooting nice. You may think you'd fall all over the place and struggle to keep upright and strain your legs. I've tried it out and sitting in it is so straightforward, your body just knows what to do. Furthermore your body mass is still largely supported by the chair legs, not your own. It really wasn't a core exercise to sit in this thing. small, pretty light. makes for a nice sit! That's about it
Where's the rest of it?
These chairs are awesome for those lounging activities where you absolutely, positively can not fall asleep.
I recommend getting to a store and trying whatever chair you are considering or even better borrowing one from a friend and trying it out on trail for a few days. That being said I find this to be a very comfortable chair and use it regularly. I don't consider using this chair as core exercise even though muscles are engaged as with sitting upright in most chairs. Being able to make small adjustments in angle and easily rock makes this quite comfortable and stretching out your legs is easy to do as well. It's good on uneven ground and slopes where the 4-legged chairs can be wobbly.
The Helinox Ground Chair has some good points such as being comfortable, more stable, and higher off of the ground. I've sat in one but haven't carried one. It's is about twice the price and only about 2 ounces heavier than the Monarch. That's not really significant if you're making the choice to carry an extra pound or so worth of chair on trail in the first place.
Bottom line is try before you buy if possible. If I'm going out for more than 2 days or so I'm inclined to leave the chair at home in favor of something extra tasty to eat or drink.
Contrary opinion: I've seen glowing reviews of this thing, but I think this chair is tremendously dumb. I haven't owned one, but I checked it out in-store at a nearby Alite Outpost. It requires using your legs to balance and stay upright. The last thing I want while I'm trying to eat my dinner after hiking 15 miles with 30 lbs of pack weight is core exercise. I much prefer my Helinox Ground Chair, which is lighter by a few oz and easier to recline in (albeit a bit pricier).

One benefit is the two-legged design is uniquely suited to sitting on uneven ground and slopes. Might be great if you're sitting on an inclined lawn in an amphitheater or a hill. On the trail, I'm not pitching my freestanding tent up or taking an extended break if the ground isn't reasonably flat, but maybe it would work if you're a hammock or a tarp backpacker.

So to review, for serious backpackers there are lighter options out there that are more comfortable and marginally more expensive. More casual user can get away with something cheaper and also more comfortable. On slopes this chair is a great option, but I doubt it's relevant to most potential users. Too many compromises. Pass.
Thanks for this, it helped change my mind. I went and visited an REI close that had these chairs. Going to have to agree, I don't want to balance after hiking up a 14er just to relax.
I really wish they had a picture of someone sitting in this thing; I really don't see how you can just throw a 2 leg chair out there and not mention anything about it or show how to use it. so weird
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We shouldn't have to search other places of the web to find a picture showing the item in use when Massdrop is trying to sell it. Yes, Google exists and it's easy to search things, but that is beside the point. With such an uncommon design, there should be an image of the chair in use. No picture of anyone sitting in it is like trying to sell a folding knife with only a picture of it folded.
Well, Veruca, this really shouldn't be a problem for someone with as much time to waste as you. Cheers!
How is it in the sand?
Firm sand will be ok but rocking in the chair or twisting in softer sand would make the legs evenually sink in until the bottom of the chair was on the ground although that would still be prety comfortable. The balls/feet on this chair are big enough to slow down the rate of sinking much more than some of the 4-leg chairs like the Helinox.
I'm 6'3" 230lb with wider back and larger thighs. Would this be comfortable? Unfortunately the closest store I could try it out at is over an hour drive away.
I'm 6'1" and 220lb. The chair is still pretty comfortable to for me to sit in. I wouldn't want to sit in it for hours at a time but for quick stops on trail, eating a meal or watching the sunset it's really nice and compared to sitting on a log or something it's really, really nice.
I find on sand, you need to place something underneath it to prevent the feet from sinking into the sand after a while. A regulation ultimate disc is just big enough and disperses the weight so you don't sink into the stand.
I like to call this chair a campfire sobriety test.

I've had my Monarch chair for almost a decade now. I've taken it backpacking, car camping, picnicking, to BBQs and parties at friends' houses, and on an 1000+ mile offroad motorbike trip across Oregon. And it still makes me smile every time I sit in it. I actually find it more comfortable than conventional 4-leg chairs, because I can recline backwards in this one without fear of breaking the back legs. I'm a minimalist when it comes to packing, but this chair is the one luxury item I won't leave without.