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All-Fit Automotive Car Lip Kit

All-Fit Automotive Car Lip Kit

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Easy-to-Install Bumper Protection

Protect your paint job and bumpers with these lip kits from All-Fit Automotive. Easy to install, they provide excellent protection wherever you put them, and they’ll lower your car for a sportier, more aggressive look. Designed to protect your car from driveways, speedbumps, and curbs, they seamlessly attach to the bottom of virtually any vehicle with no drilling, screws, or complicated setup required—and they’re compatible on the front, sides, or rear. To apply the lip, cut it to fit the desired area, peel off the sticker, and press it firmly into the bumper.

Note: The base price is for the 1.5-inch lip with a length of 9 feet. At checkout, you can upgrade to the 2.5-inch lip or the 3.5-inch lip, as well as a 14-foot or 30-foot length. Pricing will vary depending on your selection; see checkout options for more details. 

All-Fit Automotive Car Lip Kit
All-Fit Automotive Car Lip Kit
All-Fit Automotive Car Lip Kit

Size Options

1.5-inch - 9 foot
1.5-inch - 14 foot (+ $15)
Mid 2.5-inch - 9 Foot (+ $15)
Fat 3.5" - 9 Foot (+ $20)
Mid 2.5" - 14 Foot (+ $30)
Fat 3.5" - 14 Foot ( $35)
Traditional 1.5" - 30 Foot (+ $55)
Mid 2.5" - 30 Foot (+ $90)
Fat 3.5" - 30 Foot (+ $110)


  • All-Fit Automotive
  • Air-infused sponge
  • Ready to install
  • Includes instructions


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