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That was interesting to read about different comments on bone conduction headphones, many have issues with them but maximum people loves it. i also bought that and i am having very nice experience with it. i bought them from
Bought and used these since receiving them. They're good for maintaining situational awareness, they're great for listening to podcasts or anything where there is speech and not music. Good onboard microphone, probably the best that I have ever used, and that's been quite a few.

My only complaints are that it seems to be susceptible to interference, comes unpaired more frequently than it should, and is just a little too small for my head. I'm sure it doesn't help that I have the body proportions of Fred Flintstone, but still.
I got these as well and have to say was one of the fastest MDs I've backed. That being said, I didn't know what to expect but after listening to them and reading around, I think everybody that's complaining is completely missing the point of the product.
These are supposed to be worn and used in situations where plugging your ears is either illegal or otherwise undesirable like running our cycling or even shooting. For that these serve their purpose well as an affordable application of this technology. If you're an audiophile, this isn't the right product for you for all the complaints mentioned. The descriptions made by the ad may be misleading, but may not be inaccurate relative to the other compatible products in this area of tech.
> I think everybody that's complaining is completely missing the point of the product.
Respectfully, I disagree. I was fine with the sound quality - it was as I expected. But their contradictory advertising and condescending response is inexcusable.

> The descriptions made by the ad may be misleading, but may not be inaccurate relative to the other compatible products in this area of tech.
Why would another product's performance matter to this product's description? That makes no sense. You wouldn't buy a Ford Focus on the description of a Toyota Tundra and be happy with the Focus' hauling ability.
COMPLETE TRASH. False advertising at it's finest. Literally two regular headphones with a rubber pad that sit in front of your ears using a sport style headband. Audio quality is rubbish and you have to have the volume jacked up to hear anything. You could get any pair of headphones and tape them to your temples you get the same effect as what this product offers.

should not have been labeled as bone conductive but rather speakers on headband held near ear.
I bought these more out of curiosity, but they do fulfill a need that I have: to have my ears open while I drive, and still be able to talk on the phone to people I'm driving out to meet for work.

This works brilliantly for that. The SQ is good enough for that purpose.

The fit on me is good, but just a little tight on the contact points slightly in front of each ear. It gives me a very slight tension headache if I wear them for too long of a stretch. Because they are not adjustable, I understand they may be too loose for some folks.

While I find them to be a good ears-free phone headset, these are subpar for music playback.

If you are using them for phone only, it's a great solution for having your ears open while being on the phone. But I really wouldn't recommend them for listening to music.
These things are crap. Maybe I expected too much. But "bone conductive" just means conventional audio output to a padded conduit (read: speaker). Oddly enough, the closer they are to your ear canal, the better they sound. I was hoping for a useful solution for listening to music or audiobooks without cutting myself off from the outside world. But the fidelity is way too low to be good for music (I do value excellent audio reproduction), and the conductivity isn't good enough to actually hear detailed speech. I'm glad that at least they were relatively low priced.
It appears that I have some semi-professional value I can add to this product given my experience with bone conduction and communications equipment/electro-magnetic spectrum. My battalion switched a lot of our fire teams to bone conductive earphones and later to a suite of personnel communication equipment which could utilize low-energy personal area networks (with a fallback to wired interconnection).

I applaud that some product lines among companies making BT headsets, heaphones, earbuds, earphones have really made strides in fidelity, and that we are seeing more of these devices also leverage the aural characteristics of our skull other than our outer ear. There are some misconceptions I believe the marketplace has failed to quiet which could be wear some customers non-fit-based criticisms arise.

These BCRs (bone conductive receiver) are what I expected from a civilian adaptation of the device. I purchased these to end up being used by spouse given her hatred of what she calls unnecessary wires.
(1) Fit for her head is pretty good especially the absence of strong pressure at the contact points. These have I would say average flex which should help with some fit, but not all circumference/fit issues.
(2) Battery life is good compared to the weight of the headset with charging time being what I expected.
(3) Quality is on par with what I was using in the military 5-6 years ago which is about where I expected low-cost products in the consumer market to be at currently. These can be used for music, but imo we are still a few years away from entry level hi-fi wireless over low-power radio networks such as BT. Using this between talk radio, podcasts, and some voice communication is where you will see this product more fulfill your expectations.
(4) Durability I will have to get back to you, but I expect it to handle normal wear and tear outside of forceful drops and regularly sitting on it.

Hope everyone who isn't completely satisfied can work out amiable but rational arrangements with MD and the manufacturer. Lately I've seen some very good customer relations come out of the MD team which did surprise me, so work with them and be patient. I believe the product has been delivered as advertised albeit in the future having a little more explanation concerning wear and fit might be useful for those who haven't utilized bond conductive technologies in their past.
Bought these so my wife could use them, so most of the commentary is second hand. I tried them on they seem fine -- I'm not picky though, they seem to me like the sound quality is pretty good. We had a pair of the Aftershokz Bluez2s to compare them to (though it was a wile ago). The sound quality seemed comparable to me. The Good (Wife's comments): The advanced bluetooth tech showing the battery life of the headphones on her phone (Nexus 6) is really nice. She also said that the battery life seemed even better than the Bluez2s. The Bad (Still Wife's words): The sound quality isn't as good as the Bluez2s, but it is fine. The All-Terrain headphones fit a bit looser than the Bluez2s, so they aren't as comfortable for her (The Bluez2s has a removable little rubber band that spans the back to make them a little tighter). She also said that the headphones will randomly stop working while she is actively listening to music it still shows the device as connected and Pandora keeps playing music; she thinks it might be interference from other bluetooth devices (she is on a college campus). Other thoughts:
I wonder if the random disconnects could be fixed with a fireware update?
Over all she says she is happy with them. The Bluez2s go for ~$100 and we got these for ~$60 after shipping, so over all not a terrible purchase. If we had to buy purchase another pair, we would most likely go for the Aftershokz Bluez2s again though.
I guess I have a big head. They barely fit in front of my ears and shift waaay too much if I turn my head left or right. Once I get them close to where they're supposed to be (still almost directly over my ears though), they sound a little better than I expected. There's no low end at all, and the bleed is pretty bad - I can set the volume to 50% and hear the music clearly from across the room, but with them on and any lower is too quiet to hear the music. Any louder and the highs really cut harshly.

Placement really seems to be key, it's just too bad I can't get them placed correctly.
That pretty much mirrors my experience. But even though the volume is low, I can still hear and comprehend the music through someone talking to me, which is pretty cool
I wanted to address some of the concerns and feedback we have received from the Massdrop community.  First, let me apologize for any confusion or feeling that the product is different from what you expected.  I figured I would try to address as many concerns as possible.  
We are a startup of 12 employees out of Orlando that was founded in 2013.  We try to bring affordable innovative products to our customers.  In many cases, we don't invent the technology but figure out solutions to make expensive products (like bone conduction headphones) more affordable.  We have our own manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China where we oversee production and have a staff of 4 engineers.  We have sold 1000+ pairs of Bluetooth earbuds on Massdrop and over 100,000 pairs since we launched our first pair of Bluetooth earbuds in 2015.  
ALL-Terrain Bone Conduction Headphones are our first attempt at making bone conduction headphones.  With that said, we did study the market to understand the benefits and limitations bone conduction offers.
Bone Conduction Technology
Bone conduction uses vibration through your cheekbones to allow you to hear music/audio.  This technique frees up your ears so you can hear around you (a good solution for runners and bikers).  Where bone conduction falls short to traditional earbuds is that the sound quality can't be as good.  No matter which pair you buy of bone conduction headphones, they won't sound as good as top level earbuds or over-the-ear headphones. Sadly by nature, bone conduction headphones have bleed.
Aftershokz VS ALL-Terrain Headphones
Several people compared our headphones to Aftershokz Trekz Titanium.  Trekz Titanium are a great product!  Not everyone can afford or wants to pay $120 for bone conduction headphones though.  We designed our product so we can, in limited runs, offer an exceptional deal to Massdrop customers at around half the cost.  Some people prefer to spend more and get Trekz Titanium...that's okay we understand.  Others want a more affordable option that allows them to bike and run safely without spending as much and that is where we fit-in!
How We See People Using These
If you are an audiophile, these aren't going to replace your current earbuds or over-the-ear headphones; no pair of bone conduction headphones will.  These are a great option for those people that see circumstances where having background music while still focusing on something else is beneficial.
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"We designed our product so we can, in limited runs, offer an exceptional deal to Massdrop customers at around half the cost."
HAHAHAHA....then why could you buy these on Amazon with a promo code during the Massdrop listing for a similar price. Amazon even had faster shipping. I feel insulted by that quote.
Your QA and/or marketing need to be revamped. You're either making a product that should be sold as novelty, restricted to dollar store/bodega outlets, or you have failed by a breathtaking margin. You must realize this level of disappointment suggests it was YOU that fucked up. Your condescending response that seems to suggest WE had bad expectations makes me wonder if you are doing business in the 21st century or the back of a 1970s comic book. You should be downright embarrassed and apologetic over the quality, not standing by this garbage device and apologizing only for the misunderstanding or our "feeling" that the product sucks. It's not a feeling; your product SUCKS, and you lie to sell it.
Yea I got mine today and they worked just fine. The sound bleed is pretty bad but for what they are they are worth about 50$ as far as a deal to me. They don't sound great and the low end doesn't exist. But if you lower your expectations from regular headphones they are good. They fit well from what I have tried and stay in place which is more then what you can say for a lot of headphones that aren't the in-ear buds. Definitely not worth full price but if you get a deal on it I would say it's worth a shot.
I don't know. They are wireless and that works really well and I wore them around for a day and they are at least comfortable. I will admit they don't sound the greatest but it's nice not having to pull out the plugs when your ears bother you or itch and having to put then back in.
Received mine today. One of the two speakers, because that is what these are, didn't even work straight out of the box. The sound bleed is ridiculous, the fit horrendous, and the manufacturing extremely poor. I've sent in a request as mine were defective. These are trash, I don't understand why Massdrop sullied it's good name with these. I thought some sort of thought went into their product selection. Apparently not.
Got mine today! Probably the fastest Massdrop shipment I've gotten.

I went to try them on, then realized that my larger-than-normal head is probably going to be a problem. I could only get them to sit half an inch or so in front of my ear canals normally, not the recommended inch. But worse than that, when I turn my head to the side (like I'm checking traffic on my bike,) one of the sides will get pulled and slide almost INTO my ear. I'm probably not going to get much active use out of these.

As for how it sounds.... well, it's not great, but I really wasn't expecting it to be. I didn't find it nearly as terrible as some of the reviews so far, though.

I don't consider myself a hardcore audiophile, but I'm a bit deeper in than your average user. I mostly go for budget-fi and ChiFi things. My daily drivers are a pair of SHP9500's, and my go-to earbuds are VE Monk+'s. I also have a pair of Koss PortaPros that I've rarely touched since I discovered the Monks.

I'd describe the All-Terrain's sound quality (when I could get the things to sit right) as somewhere between Apple EarPods and my PortaPros. Not great, but not bad, either. The highs did feel kind of harsh at louder volumes (and I did need to use louder volumes,) but it may just be something I need to get used to with these. I didn't have any of the speaker rattling problems that I've heard described here. There's no real bass to speak of, but I'm not a basshead so that didn't bother me. If you go into these expecting great clarity you're going to be disappointed, but I didn't, so I wasn't

And yeah, these things bleed sound like an open-backed headphone. Everyone's going to know what you're listening to. Not really something that bothers me, though, and it is definitely much louder and clearer when it's actually contacting your head.

All in all, I think I'd be happy with these if they fit me properly. Yeah, my $15 Monks kick the everloving crap out of these as far as clarity, detail, and everything else goes. But I can't carry on a conversation with them in, and COULD with the All-Terrains. If you have an average-sized head and are looking for a non-audiophile headphone that will let you keep total aural awareness of everything around you, these might be worth a shot.
This is the biggest waste of money I've seen in a while. It just sounds like shitty speakers. I could have them on volume 1, and everyone in the room hears it just fine. Its essentially a poorly made Bluetooth speaker that doesn't cover the ears. Also, the package they shipped the headphones in is atrocious! A 7x7x7 box with no padding, with nothing in it except the display box, which also had no padding. Just an annoying piece of plastic that hardly held the headphones in place. Typically the products I buy from Massdrop are top notch, but FRESHeTECH are nothing more than a scam. *edit* Also, the rattling in the right speaker is one of the most annoying sounds in a pair of headphones. I just paid 60$ for what amounts to an unsightly paperweight.
Yea I wasn't happy with the shipping either.