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Allegory EDC Front Pocket Pouch

Allegory EDC Front Pocket Pouch

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Yo dawg I heard you like pockets
too bad they didn't add a belt loop and then it would be pick-pocket proof....
Is it large enough inside to fit a small frame hammerless revolver? I love the design, very sleek and the leather is of a high quality. Using Kevlar or a Gel Spun Poly thread would eliminate the wear out issues people have brought up. It would increase the cost slightly but would enhance the overall quality of the pouch.
Which pocket (left or right) is this for? Or does it come in both?
These things are great! No longer does everything bunch up in the bottom of my pocket. A pocket flashlight and other items are easily available from my pocket as they ride in the elastic bands. Also, my company phone rides on my hip while my personal phone rides safely behind the Pocket Pouch preventing the phone from getting a cracked screen protector from loose objects in my pocket such scissors, etc.
Does it come in a RHS version? I like to keep most of the things I would put in it where my right hand can get to them.
Are there any internal dividers? Just a pouch? What does it look like inside?
no internal dividers, one big pocket on the inside.
I use a topo mini pouch, its A bit cheaper but a lot more durable and less funny looking.
So for the last month, i've had a small hole in my pocket which my multi-tool keeps falling out of so...i'm in for one rofl.
Overall I'm extremely happy, and I'll probably be ordering another one just as back up or a different color. Couple of suggestions. I like how supple the leather is, but the very corner at the bottom point kind of gets squished, and feels like it is going to wear unevenly, or wear out. Maybe reinforcing it with and additional patch or and internal bit of stiffer leather?
Also, the zipper could have a "garage" at the end of the pocket that the end of the zipper could tuck into. The flap is already there, just need to open it up a bit, it throw and additional but of elastic to tuck it in. That would keep it quiet, no flapping, and it would keep it from hooking on other items...
Any update on the ship date?
I would like to see some situation images and the internals. Thanks!
I got this last fall, and it now has a permanent place in my pocket.  It's easy to load it up with gear and slide it in, rather than placing all the gear in there piecemeal. 

Just a couple of thoughts/observationson possible tweaks/choice options.
- Maybe have an option for the zipper to be in closed position at the side instead of the top.  I carry a spyderco delica via the clip, and the zipper pull slid sideways into the spydy hole.  When I went to remove my knife, the pull pried the knife partially open and cut the hell out of my fingers before I noticed.  Perhaps I'm just a complete gomer for having it happen, or perhaps I'm carrying gear all wrong, but it happened, and now I just need to be cognizant of it whenever I use my knife.
- The elastic bands were open on the bottom on the pouch I received.  I had been expecting to use them more as a pouch for various items, but unless the item has a clip it just slides right through.  It would be nice to be able to choose this

Really enjoy the product.  It turned out to be one of those things that I didn't really see a need for before I had it, but now don't see myself going without it (or something similar) in the future
Thanks for the kind words! So glad you are enjoying it! Please email me directly i'd love to chat with you about zipper functionality issue you had. If there's something we can do avoid that or advise people how to we'll roll it out ASAP.
Certainly.  I believe the issue was also mentioned by callingshotgun as well.  Reversing the zipper operation would definitely remove the likelihood of it reoccurring, as would a zipper-less option.
Folks - we'd love any feedback you have for this design. Since it's been such a hit we're planning to introduce a few variations on it. what do you think about some of these variables/ideas:

- Different sizes/shapes for different pocket types?
- Any need for a key ring or other key storage?
- What about a version that attaches to your belt?
- Would you like the idea of a tool roll that fits in your bag?
- Small wallets/organizers that fit inside the pocket pouches?
- Any other needs or little annoyances in your EDC we can work on?
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That option is available now at checkout I believe. If not let me know and we'll get that updated!
Thanks for the suggestions! These are right in line with the designs we're working on for other versions. Stay tuned. Also, for stitching coming lose, don't forget about the lifetime repair guarantee! Hit us up at and we'll get that fixed for you.
Any chance you guys could do a pouch for a cargo pocket? Sometimes I have other things I need to carry in my front pockets and it would be nice to have another option.
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I would be honored😊
Email me any time.
If you don't mind posting your thoughts on the other comment in the discussion where i mentioned some ideas that would be great. Hoping to start some conversation there.

- Chad