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Allegory Back Pocket EDC Wallet

Allegory Back Pocket EDC Wallet

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Annnd they've shipped. Allegory always pleases.
3 days after shipment and it hasn't even left the the state of origin.
I have both the front pocket wallet and the back pocket wallet. I wear them in my front left pocket. I switch them depending upon whether the pocket is scalloped or flat on the bottom.
Alright, I gotta ask: what do you use your back pockets for? I’m a front-pocket-only type of guy and I think sitting all day (I’m an office worker) on anything besides paper is uncomfortable. So I’m genuinely curious what you guys use your back pockets for.
Wallet, pack of tissue
Check out my comment
Rats, I missed the drop. I have the front pocket wallet and most of my front pockets are flat at the bottom.
Huh, this product isn't normally offered on the manufacturers website. I wouldn't mind having one of these that has a tapered bottom to better fit pockets similar to the one @Axeguy was kind enough to show us.
What’s that knife in the last picture of the drop? Looks like a compression lock, with a nice groove, neat pivot hardware... piqued my curiosity!
That's why I came to comment too, whatever it is it's not a Spydie and it's definitely a compression lock, what is it!
I have had the tapered (front pocket) ones in brown and dark brown as my EDC mainstays since they were first offered. They age really well and do everything I need them to do. The new ones are—I suspect—going to be larger in volume because they are square on bottom and will likely hold more. I liked the idea of the taper exactly fitting the pocket but it can be limiting and I tend to use them in jacket pockets to keep the pants pockets unencumbered (so I don’t look like the pants equivalent of a squirrel with cheeks full of nuts). Right pocket has personal EDC items and the left is for work-related items. Those ones just had a single exterior card pocket, which I have found very, very handy for my primary credit/bank card. Otherwise, you would have to unzip and root around through a small pile of cards inside. I am buying two of these as well: in EDC terms, these are LIFE-CHANGING. I am ex-Army so I have been EDCing since before the term existed. Everything is exactly where I want it every time. I am extremely happy with these products!
Word of caution: make sure the buttons of car key fobs face inwards if in the outside elasticized pouch (it’s folded double so you can use it as a pouch or pass-through like my pen or prybar) or you could set off your car alarm inadvertantly... Cheers!!
Very helpful. Thank you!


@SexyNinjaMonkey @shibelove
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Perfect. Thanks again. I thought maybe there were some kind of separators inside. Glad you sent this.
Would this fit my field notes?
seriously can the vendor provide more pictures and something better for scale?
Yeah, all those pictures and not one banana!
Seems like this might cause/exacerbate "wallet sciatica".
Save your butt and use Jacket pockets! You wouldn’t want to sit on your pens and prybars anyways...
Would also like to see shots with more cash, and shots in a pocket of a reasonable mannequin.
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It would probably give you the cold shoulder and silent treatment.
Just like Real Women!!!!
Seems huge and lack of photos in pocket or next to something...
I would prefer to have the card slots on the inside from a safety perspective.
10k RETAIL 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
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Ahhh, funny
How can you afford not to buy it!
Are the card slots sized for credit cards or just business cards?
Both. See the pix I posted early in the thread. And the leather adapts to putting more than one card in the slot.
This looks cool Would be nice to see it next to something like a $1 bill to get an idea of how big it is. I would also like to look inside a little more. Are there any better inside pictures?