Exclusive: Allegory Goods Leather EDC Pouchsearch

Exclusive: Allegory Goods Leather EDC Pouch

Exclusive: Allegory Goods Leather EDC Pouch

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What are the two bags shown in the pictures?

Is there a return policy or all sales final? I'm having a hard time, even reading through comments, determining whether it will be the right size for me.

Not sure about how returns work on massdrop, but we offer exchanges and have a bunch of different edc stuff this community helped us come up with. Feel free to post what you're hoping to use it for and I'll do my best to assess the possible fit.

The bag with the carabiner is our flight satchel. Not sure about the other.

- Chad
Been using mine for nearly a month now and it is a fantastic EDC piece. It lets me carry everything I could realistically need on a typical day and fits almost perfectly in the back pocket of a pair of jeans (about 1/2 an inch sticks out which is great since I don't use the carabiner on it). I walk about a mile and a half to work each day and it keeps me from having to carry a bag unless I'm going to need my laptop.

Hey all, just received mine last night and wanted to say it looks great. I do have a question though and that is what size notebook will fit inside?
A bit late for a reply, but might be useful for people interested in the future. It fits a 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 notebook like a standard Field Notes or Elan Field Book notebook.
I'm interested, but I want to know about the engraving. It's not shown in any of the photos posted here.
I agree where will the engraving be exactly? And will it be stitched or burned or ect..?
Apologies, we'll need to get that fixed for future drops. We make these to order and don't have any on-hand so I'll do my best to describe the engraving.

Placement: We center the engraving between the snaps on the front cover, with the bottom of the text facing the opening.

Look/Process: The engraving is laser etched into the leather. You can see some examples on this drop: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/allegory-leather-pocket-journal. Since taking these photos we have made some improvements to our hardware and process, so the text will be a little more crisp than you see here.

Hope this helps!
Great to see allegory goods on top of their customer service game! Quick question on how much shipping to ireland would be?
While we apply the labels, pack, and ship - massdrop actually handles purchasing postage and providing labels. So your best bet would be to go through the checkout process and check shipping options before you confirm.

Very cool looking item.
When are you planning on selling this again? I'm interested in getting one, but I could join because I already spent too much recently...
Will this fit a Lamy Safari?
What notebooks will fit? Any specific size or brand to look for or is it just guess and check?
I have had mine for a little while and finally got a 3-pack of the Moleskine Cahier. These books won't fit in the pouch, the "band" seems just a bit too small.

I read below that these issues had been addressed. Is anyone else seeing issues with the most recent batch?
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I should have updated my post weeks ago to say, Allegory made good on their promise and shipped me a replacement swiftly. It fits the field book very well.
Good to hear their customer service is helpful, thanks. Guess I'll be working with them, as well.

Still, it's a bit concerning that you read before your drop that there was an issue, supposedly fixed, then you had the issue after the 'design change,' and now here I am, 16-or-so weeks later...
I'm much more interested in the model's peacoat lol
That is one killer jacket.
Looks like a pretty standard peacoat