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Allegory Leather Pocket Journal

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I grabbed the Rustico Field Notebook a while ago, love it but I don't like the added leather chunks for the pen holder and loose sleeve holder, as its in my back pocket.
I'm very excited for this one!
It seems the do exactly what I was looking at plus its a little smaller.
The Rustico Field Notebook
4.25 x 6.375
Allegory Leather Pocket Journal
3.9 x 5.8

Going with Coffee and Can't wait!
Just to point out Rustico did come with a 3 pack of field notes. Felt it was only fair to mention that.
Wow that looks fantastic!
Any chance of getting something like this but with a pen holder ? I like keeping those together
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wow that looks great ! not sure though if that would fit in the pocket. i actually going for something much simpler, like just a small loop to hold a pen and keep it out of the way.
Ah gotcha. Kind of like how Leuchtturm has those convenient stick on pen loops that you can put in any notebook?
I also have this is saddle. I am pleased with the suppleness of the leather, its durability, and ability to shrug off the soggy Pacific Northwest weather. As it ages, my journal cover is developing some great character. I have been very happy with all of my Allegory leather goods. I have coated my journal cover with neutral Kiwi shoe polish.
I have this in saddle and the leather is beautiful, very supple and durable. As it wears it develops a great natural character. And the notebook fits in it perfectly. Highly recommended!
What size field notes notebook does this hold?
The pocket size notebooks.
Are the Fieldnotes and leather covers shipping separately? So far I've only received the Fieldnotes.
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Me too
It was stated in earlier threads that the Field Notes do, in fact, ship separately. However, it has been 3 weeks since I have received my Field Notes and I am pretty disappointed that there have been no updates and that the shipping notification that is given by Massdrop is ONLY for the Field Notes. I would really like to know when to expect my cover.

Edit: Ok, so I may have gotten a little dramatic and cranky about not having my cover yet. I received my Field Notes on Aug. 2nd, 9 days ago. I am still worried about the fact that Massdrop shows it as delivered though. Will update if it ever comes in.

Edit 2: Wow. Not sure if this is karma, crazy coincidental timing, or if Massdrop is watching, I JUST received a shipping notice.
Why is this labelled as massdrop exclusive when I can buy it off their site?
The custom thread options and multiple font engraving are exclusive to massdrop.

This is a beautiful pocket journal. I've had it in my pocket for the last year and it has held up very well. Only complaint is that the leather pieces that hang over the edges of the notebook are pretty small. My field notes can sometimes have a cover slip out during use. Not a big problem, but it is something to note.
Just a heads up, we've since addressed this issue and increased the size of those flaps for a more secure fit.

The lined notebooks arrived on Friday March 3, and the leather cover arrived on Monday March 6. This was accurate to how Massdrop described due to the items shipping separately. The leather is good quality and there were no craftsmanship errors. I'm very satisfied with this drop!
I received an email that my order had shipped, I was of course excited. The only thing I received to day were the lined notebooks that go inside, the leather cover was not delivered. I wrote to support. Their emails are very misleading the email indicated the whole ordered had shipped. From reading comments this is nothing new. I still don't know when the leather cover will be coming in. I think the idea of Massdrop is good, but they are very frustrating to deal with.
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They could be more clear by having separate entries on the Transactions page for the cover and notebooks so we could see what the shipping status is on each of the shipments. It's really unfortunate they don't have a way to distinguish that. I wrote to support on a different drop that was also a cover shipping separately from the notebook, and once the notebook ships it just says "Delivered" for the whole order. I really don't see why anyone would defend Massdrop on this when all the confusion could be resolved with a relatively simple change to the software.
Sigh. It's not that I care to "defend" Massdrop and I do think their software has some rough edges. However, it just wasn't fair to criticize them when they had given enough information about this within their limitations. I'm simply being fair to them.
Where does this ship from?
Looks like Breinigsville, PA on my Fedex tracking info.