Allegory M1 Ancient Kauri Wood Fountain Pensearch

Allegory M1 Ancient Kauri Wood Fountain Pen

Allegory M1 Ancient Kauri Wood Fountain Pen

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This is going to be a little picky but how does a donation to the National Forest Foundation (US charity) benefit New Zealand forests where the wood originated? Also, there were no humans on New Zealand (Aotearoa) until approximately 700 years ago.
Mine came today and it is really nice looking! Haven't gotten a chance to ink it yet but FYI, the EF nib I ordered was just loose in the box. Could be that it fell out of the bag and back into the box when I took the converter out but I nearly threw it away. Not an issue, just a FYI to make sure you have everything before you toss your packaging!

EDIT: Just kidding, the EF nib was already on the pen itself. No idea what this other random nib rolling around is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Oh ! So this is an extra nib ? You had a medium AND an EF ?
Yep, that's exactly right. The EF I ordered was installed and they included the default M nib along with it.
I really wish Allegory would stop using pen kits for their pens and develop each pen individually. I get that it's easier this way and cheaper, but the quality that they have grown to reach is high enough to merit developing an ENTIRE pen, not just a tube with the same kit parts that screw onto either end. These kit parts also throw off the feel and balance of the pen. That said, for $70 don't hesitate to purchase one, they are really great pens. It's just that owning more than one is a challenge, since they are essentially all the same. The could save time by just selling the wooden pen body and letting me simply swap the feed assembly, cap, and post lol.
K-oz - Us too! We can't wait till we can grow large enough to meet the minimum investment required to do this. We're looking at a number of in-house and outsourced options for making the hardware ourselves. For now we haven't found one we can make happen yet, but as we grow that will change. Stay in touch and thank you for the kind words!
Why the +$25 for anything but a medium nib?
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Are these a standard nib that I could purchase elsewhere (probably much cheaper)?
Thanks for your answer, it wasn’t clear for me either... 😁
Hi all,

We've added international shipping for this drop! We've also extended the drop through the weekend so that everyone has a chance to join. Shipping time is not affected.
Would have loved to get in on this one...but you won't even ship to Canada? Really?
I think I'm going to start really limiting my business with this site.
International shipping is now available. Thanks for flagging this!
Shame that Allegory doesn't understand there are countries outside the USA. If this is the way the company views the world, something tells me I should spend my money elsewhere
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We've now added international shipping as an option for this drop. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
I'm sure I can "expect a thorough response". I would have thought that "thorough" would involve a response to the issue/s I raised, rather than the ones you preferred to address. At no stage have I said you were lying, and my comments regarding buck-passing were because of your unwillingness to address the issues I raised.

We appear to have very different views of customer service, in addition to being worlds apart on a number of fundamental issues here. Coupled with my earlier points, I'm sure you can understand that your belligerent attitude, tone and willingness to misstate matters don't exactly endear the brand to me as one on which to spend my hard-earned
The comments below from a previous drop that included this pen along with a leather cover and Rhodis web notebook. That was quite a deal.
Can you clarify if international shipping is available?
It is now!
Huh no shipping option again?
I didn't get my webnotebook ?