Allegory Model R Workhorse Rollerball Pensearch

Allegory Model R Workhorse Rollerball Pen

Allegory Model R Workhorse Rollerball Pen

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Let's be real, the only reason they used these 2,000 year old woods was to triple the msrp of the pen. Standard olive wood is functionally and visually identical while being much cheaper.
I can understand that this may look like a pricing gimmick, but to be completely honest it's because we believe story matters. Le'ts be real. Any pen over $5 is purchased for reasons other than functionality. We think putting more thought into where things come from is a good reason.

The wood in this pen costs about $3. The price tag comes from the fact that it's handmade in america by people paid a fair wage, and guaranteed for life (repair or replacement, no questions asked, no paperwork needed).

So it's really about buying something that is meaningful to you (which may not be for everyone, but for our customers the stories really connect to who they are). And knowing that it was made with love and will be with you for the long haul.

I missed the part about the lifetime warranty. Also good to know this company values their workers.

I just upgraded to "buy" based on those comments, and am looking forward to writing with my bog oak pen.
I guess they chose to use exotic wood to entice people to buy their pens.
It did the opposite for me.
No reason to use (or claim to use) exotic wood for this pen; adds to the retail, but not the value. The design is interesting and would probably stand on it's own without dredging up prehistoric trees to artificially boost the price.
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