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AllegoryGoods I joined the most recent drop. Can you make the pen pockets on the inside for me?
It says on the description it fits an A5 pad, but I think you mean A4. Can AllegoryGoods confirm? TIA.
It looks like you answered this question 14 weeks ago, actually.
But in case you're wondering why you keep getting it, check the description first paragraph and specs bullet list. :)
I have absolutely no need for this, but I want it so badly. Mass Drop is killing me this post-Christmas.
Just a question: on the Allegory website the Padfolio is now available for 95,- - including a Rhodia A4 notebook. This is not included in the drop here I believe? Maybe cancel the drop and order directly via Allegory?
I had also considered that option. However shipping to Canada is substantially more expensive from their website, also there's no engraving/thread option AFAIK.
They custom engrave anything.
People who requested the pen pockets to be place in the interior seem to have been pleased with the result. Would it be possible to offer that option again on this drop?
@d111, We'll contact Massdrop and see if we can get that added for the next drop. For this drop though, if you guys want the pens on the inside of the flap, just shoot us a message when the drop closes with your order information and we'll make it that way for you.
Just in again to state the request for a Surface Pro 4 version of this...
rec'd mine. I definitely enjoy it but I dont know how to feel about the two slits where the pad goes, not sure if that was a necessary thing or if it was a style thing. Also I have noticed that the thread is already pulling and getting a little loose (ie. some of the stitches are fraying, etc). I think the folio is well designed but, if i had to do it again i would have asked a lot more questions about the thread that is supposed to keep it together as well as to see pictures of the item without the Pad in in. It is a high quality piece so probably would have purchased it albeit at a different amount
Alex - The thread we use is a synthetic blend, similar to what is used to make boat sails. If there are a couple spots where thread is pulling it may be where we back-tacked. This is a process where a stitch is repeated in the same spot to lock the stitch in. We do this more extensively than many manufacturers because it ensures longevity, but this can result in a little extra thread in those spots. If that's the case, you can feel free to trim it, and it is unlikely to continue to pull. If there is a more serious issue it will be covered by our guarantee and we'd be happy to take a look to see what is going on. Shoot us a message at if you'd like to continue to the conversation.

thanks for the reply. I will trim them. If anything comes up i am glad you guys stand by your product. Cheers
Hi all,

Just a quick update as these are planned to ship Monday. For the most part we're right on schedule. Charcoal and Coffee leather will ship on time. The Saddle ones will ship within a couple days after that. We had a small delay in one of our leather shipments which caused this issue. We're working with our supplier to make sure issues like that (this isn't the first) don't happen in the future. Some progress has been made but we still have work to do there and we're committed to helping them get it right, or finding a new supplier if they can't. You guys come first, period.

Just in case you'd like more specifics - our saddle leather shipment will arrive tomorrow at 4pm, clear customs over the weekend, and we'll be working on your Padfolios as soon as we get it on Monday. We gave our suppliers a deadline of last Friday for this shipment and they are about a week late. We anticipate 2-3 days for production and shipment of the remaining Padfolios.
How accurate is the estimated shipping date? I will be moving soon after the estimated date and need to determine which address to use for shipping, thank you.
You can keep us posted about your move at - we'll make sure it gets to the right place. Please include your massdrop order number.

Will there be any updates as the order is fulfilled?
Would it be possible to get one that fits an A4+ ?
An A4 pad like those from Rhodia will fit. Is that what you were looking for?