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Hello AllegoryGoods,

I think we are ready for this drop to be active again.


missed out on this because of life, heres hoping it drops again soon
AllegoryGoods is there anywhere that I can keep loose leaf a4 copy paper? Perhaps the tablet pocket or the pocket for the writing pad
The flap that lays on top of the tablet sleeve (left side) is designed for papers just like that.
AllegoryGoods I know we'd asked before, but I hadn't heard anything- any progress on making one large enough for a Surface Pro ( Width 11.5 in x Height 7.9 in x Depth 0.3 in)? I have one I'm using now (A Knomo Knomad Organizer) but I'd like an upgrade to leather, and this looks like the perfect product... other than the size. I notice that this time around it says tablet rather than iPad, but I can't tell if there has been a change and the Surface Pro 4 will fit.

Any thoughts?
Chuck, I think it will fit, the opening is 12 inches. Thanks for the dimensions that was helpful. If you get one, and you're not happy with the fit, our guarantee will apply and we'll work with you on a refund.

Excellent! Thanks for the answer!
AllegoryGoods do we have an option on this drop to get the pen slots on the inside?
I believe so. I will ping massdrop to confirm.

If we can't get it added then you can just email your preference to along with your massdrop order info and we'll track it on our end.

- Chad
How big of a tablet can this hold?
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No, the Rhodia is not included in the drop, that's just on their website.
The opening is 12 inches wide, so it depends on the thickness of your tablet. Hope this helps!

- Chad
Is it possible this drop to get the pen pockets on the inside?
Can’t wait for this drop to come back...
arn't you the lucky one?!
Indeed! Hopefully there’s an option to have the pen pockets on the inside...
I love this thing. I use it all day. I wish the stitching were better, though. I keep having stitches fraying out, and I’ve only had the thing for a few months.

Its still great, I’m just not looking forw to having to find someone to fix it when it breaks.
Good news!

1. The frayed stitches are likely from our triple backtacking process. It adds longevity by providing a stronger anchor where stitches start and stop. But the extra thread does pull sometimes. This shouldn't escalate to the stitch coming undone though.

2. In the rare case that a stitch does come loose, our lifetime guarantee will kick in and we'll repair it for you!

- Chad
This is actually in the stretchy fabric that is fraying, not the stitching. Please see attached.

Dear AllegoryGoods team, I joined the most recent drop, and would like to have the pen pockets placed on the inside. Hopefully not too late if I read the official shipping date? Appreciated if you let me know it this is still possible, many thanks!
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Apologies, but we don't check these boards in between drops because we don't receive notifications of posts. This is why I've advised folks to message us via with order notes. Did we get this fixed for you? If not let's get yours sent back in so we can install the appropriate flap.

- Chad
Hi Chad, thanks for the reply. It didn't work out unfortunately, but hoenstly shipping costs and taxes were expensive enough, so I don't intend to send it back and spend even more. Thanks anyway. Best, Falk