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Does the cable provided help with the sound? Anyone tried swapping it for something else
I got my D6 earphones today. Right out of the gate they sounded pretty good. A bit bright but I'm letting them break in by playing a 'low dynamic' playlist on Tidal at low volume. Came back a few hours later and now they sound positively tinny... unplugged them and plugged in a pair of Sennheiser PX 100 - II and directly compared on a few songs. No comparison, the Senns are (so far) much better with a rich full sound. So... I'm really hoping that the D6s will improve. Update: They sound much better after about 36 hours of breaking in with a much fuller sound. Inner details are lacking a bit, so I'm hoping they continue to improve. I'll give them another day or two and then do another comparison to the Sennheisers for a final evaluation. Update II: Happily, all the prior negatives are gone ;-) These phones do have a breakin period and at 56 hours all doubt has been removed. They may even continue to improve but at this point they're entirely satisfying. Clean, neutral sound. A great budget set of earphones for those who like clear, transparent reproduction.
I did directly compare them again to the Sennheisers and now the Sennheisers boost in the midbass is obvious. That bass emphasis is very attractive even for someone who's not a basshead. The problem is that the Senn's bass emphasis masks the other frequencies and for instance on Paul Simon's "You can call me Al" especially @ the bass solo @ 3:44 the Senns make it sound a bit distant and slightly muffled. Whereas the D6s render it much more clearly. Thumbs up for me.
Great IEM's if you are looking for a crystal clear sound!
Fantastic treble/mid focused IEMs! They have amazing clarity and soundstage for the price. I have IEMs that cost multiple times the price of these gems that do not have the clarity and soundstage of the D6. If you favor classical or acoustic music these are the earphones to beat in the sub-$200 range.
If these ever drop again, maybe this review will help those interested. To my ears, they go head-to-head with the TFZ Exclusive King and Blue Ever Blue 1200EX, two of my favorite ~100 USD earphones.


Just some thoughts on these IEMs after using them for a few hours. I like them. When I first put these in, I thought they sounded distant and shallow. After a few minutes, I realized that the sound is really clear and well defined, and not muffled or muddled. There don’t seem to be any gimmicks in the sound reproduction. Nothing seems artificially high or low. Highs, mediums and lows are distinct and really clear. I’m not saying that it’s some type of neutral reference sound image, but it’s really crisp and balanced. I can hear things in vocals and instrumentals that I typically don’t catch with earbuds. There isn’t a lot of bass, but what there is pops. If you’re looking for heavy bass, you won’t find it here.
The soundstage is good. There is good separation between left and right, especially on remastered tracks that I tested. It’s fairly open. They are a solid headphone, and a bit heavy. But they stay seated in the ear. I had a little fatigue after a couple of hours, but not too bad. The wire is a little funky, and I don’t know that it needed to be braided. The pouch is made of leather, and is one of the nicer cases I’ve seen for earbuds. So is the cord wrap, which I’m not sure is needed but is a nice touch.
I’m using the one set of foam tips that came with the earbuds, and they fit well. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to attach the earguides, and the A&D website is no help. But so far I don’t need them.
I don’t know that I’d use these in a gym, but I think you could. Overall, I’m pleased. I found myself wanting to listen to different tracks to hear how the headphones performed on all types of music. I think it’s a good sign when you keep telling yourself, “just one more”.
All in all, I find these to be excellent IEMs. If they come back for another drop I’ll probably get a second pair and some for my kids. I think they’re that good. Just my opinion, and your mileage may vary, as they say.
I just received the earphones, and so far they're ok. A little bright overall, but I need to listen to them for a while.
But I have a dumb question. Does anybody know how the ear guides attach to these? I just can't figure it out. I'm sure it's easy, but I'm stumped. A picture would be helpful if you are able to figure it out. Thanks!
There's a slit in each of the guides; insert the wire in that slit, and wear them as over-the-ear IEMs. That's the best I can tell, myself...
Not much info on this IEM's but i did find a get review with comparison to very popular IEM's under $100