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What was the price of the drop?

Shout out to Brett at Massdrop support. USPS delivered my package after 9 days (shipped Priority mail from NJ to NY) and someone must have knocked over a can of solvent onto it because the entire package and its contents reeked so much that I had to chuck everything. Shot support an email and they responded immediately, on a Sunday night no less.

Lucky, I got sent the wrong item to the one I ordered and was only told they couldn't help as they didn't have any others.
Can we please get information about whether or not the pro versions come with that keychain carrying case? I want the professional version because of the golden filters, but that keychain would be incredibly useful for me, as I'll need to carry my earplugs with me for events I work.
The spare plug seems like a good idea, but there are only two filters of each type, so if you lose one you still don't have a matching pair of the filter that you decided was the right level of protection.
These ones are okay. Foam earplugs are a better application especially when the speakers are garbage because they provide about 30-32dB of protection. I use my custom-moulded Etymotic Musician Plugs that have a 25dB filter on them.
Not recommending, just providing the NRR specs Massdrop puzzlingly left out: MusicSafe Pro Earplugs [from the Alpine website]: White filter NRR=8 Silver filter NRR=11 Gold filter NRR=16
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Here is a somewhat more mathematically evolved explanation of attenuation values vs noise reduction ratings (and forgive me if this oversimplified for your needs):
Thanks, I knew it was not a simple calculation. The Party Plug has the most protection of all the options, but it seems odd that it's NRR is specified as a range (16.5 – 21.5) while the Music Safe Pro has a single number for each filter type. Anyway, I'm not looking for a set of earplugs. I just find it odd that anyone would buy these without really knowing how they perform.
Are these available in different sizes? When I first got the Etymotic drop, the regular plugs were too small for my ear canals. I had to reorder the Large size.
If anything I just want it for the case
Indeed. I don't know if these will bump off my current music earplugs, but it'll at least be a very handy always available backup. Even though I keep extra pairs of earplugs around, you sometimes just end up needing them when you least expect it.
The pro version does not come with the handy looking miniboxx thingy?
I also want to know this
It doesn't mine came and I was disappointed
What are the NRR ratings for each set, and for each “filter” within set?
massdrop: writing THAT information in the specs is rather essential! We shouldn’t have to find and go to another site for such basic information.
Yeah it’s like advertising a headphone amp without listing its output power. Not really excusable. Is it?
how do these compare to ‘Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs ER20XS’?
My issue with the Etymotic's (and most other music earplugs) is the way they fit with the triple-flange design. In order to get a good seal, they were protruding way too deep into my ear, creating pain/discomfort. Or else they wouldn't seal at all. The shorter design of the Alpine's worked much better. Your mileage may vary, but that's my experience. When I did seem to have a seal with the Etymotics, I wasn't impressed with how much they did distort the music, considering the Etymotic's are supposed to among the best. My previous pair of Alpine's (classic version, IIRC) with the lightest filter in created the best concert experience for me. To my ears, the Alpine's are the most comfortable music earplugs of the several that I've tried. Plus, they're not super obvious. I haven't received my Massdrop order yet, but I'm expecting these to live up to my high expectations from my last pair.
I'd be interested in how they compare for width vs the Etymotics.
Perfect timing, I just lost one of my pro plugs! getting three means I can keep one and give a pair to a friend. I can't recommend these enough if you frequent loud venues, I even found myself reaching for them in the cinema once